My Favorite Moments from Evo

random highlights/shit i liked from evo

-yipes taking out wong in losers bracket…that shit was just mad hype. congrats yipes, you hella deserve top 2.
-duc motherfuckin do taking that shit. YOU DID THAT SHIT FOR VIETNAM MAN.
-bronson tran constantly yelling during the finals…you are a fuckin hype man for the vietnamese people.
-me finally breaking my mental block in marvel…i got 9th place and that’s good enough for me
-me vs. takayuki…me and him were hella nervous and i luckily was able to win when we both made mistakes during out last match. ggs takayuki. :tup:
-me vs. crisco…CLOSE AS HELL MATCH MAN. you beat the hell out of me in round 2. i was shaking during the 3rd match. ggs
-my fav match was potter vs. chris schimt…that match was so fuckin close and could have gone either way at the end. good shit christ. :tup:

-i keith vs. djb13…keith, you hella pulled out clutch during the last game. GOOD SHIT MAN.
-mago vs. charlie(?)…dude, charlie, you have a mean ass p groove. you almost eliminated mago…good shit man. nice kyo.
-me vs. ricky ortizzzle and justin wong…close matches. i hate both of you. jp.
-BAS WINNING THAT SHIT. i’m really happy for him. he finally pulled it out and proved why people in japan give him mad respect.
-ricky ortiz vs. rf…i personally don’t think anybody found it spectacular but ricky just showed how good his a-sakura is. even though you lost and he advanced, i know you were supposed to win.
-nam aka strider hiryu aka paul frank god ALMOST beating ohnuki during out team tournament…next time man.
-combofiend pulling out the nitto special. you had to be there to know what the hell i’m talking about.

-nice meeting all the people at evo. i don’t remember all your names but it was cool chillin with y’all.
-gaybleguy, our money matches prepped me for evo. i didn’t really play marvel until we had our money matches. lol
-robzilla, good shit. one of us had to make top 8. nobody should sleep on hawaii.
-me getting dq’d from 3s while playing mvc2. shit was dope.
-w3s is that duke. CRAZY ASS SHIRT.

things that sucked:
-that announcer for some of the games…mad annoying.
-halo players being so fuckin touchy about german justus dancing.
-japanese players constantly checking their button configuration AFTER two japanese players already played on them. pure genius. lol

Stuff that you didn’t include that i liked.

  1. Albert is my hero
  2. Viscant countering Illan with Cyke/Storm/Ken
  5. Bill beasting on Halo
  6. Genghis beasting on MLG
  7. Rawbzilla beating Justin. Rawb didn’t run like a ho. HE RAN LIKE A REAL MAN! Good shit rob

Yipes vs Justin = oh so hot!

Hey, Kai, post the teams you remember from top 8… Was Rawb playing cable/storm/something? thanks a bunch

sextaro vs nitto
sextaro vs ricky = me 10 bucks richer wooooooo sex i
justin vs nuki = me 5 bucks richer wooooooo thanks dogface i’ll keep safe
mester kara palmin that shit down during the 5 on 5 :smiley: oh man evo was that shit

yeah, Rob was Santhrax the whole way. Smartest man alive.
Reset was MSP and MSS
Chris Schmitt was Row, MSP, and Santhrax
Ricky was i dunno. i didn’t see him vs. duc. but i do remember him pickin MSP.
Justin was MSP mostly in finals. But he picked Row and Scrub vs. Rob.
Potter was santhrax and Storm/Sent/Cable
Yipes was MSP and MSCyke
Duc was Spiral/Cable/Sent vs. Spiral/Sent/Commando

my highlights:

-justin getting eliminated by yipes
-duc takin back the mvc2 crown.

chunksta and duc jr crackin me up durring marvel team
duc taking out a team by his damn self
beasting on GHANDI with bill reset and co.
lossin my voice durring yipes vs potter.
getting HYPE.

Thanks Kai. Next year youll put Strider there :slight_smile:

(not to sound all mr. correcto)

ricky use’d msp for sures.
yipes also use’d mss-anus. =]

kai is a fucking BEAST. he’s like the jim ross of marvel, i swear!

keith vs. djb:

cvs2 Semifinals:
there were so many good matches and i saw a LOT of cameras going so i hope to see some of that footage again.

marvel: its all been said. potter is sick, HELLA clutch vs. chris s…REALLY close match.

Yo how the fuck did I forget about this match. He played HELLA solid against Mago almost beating him. He deserves hella props for that shit. I hope that match makes it to the DVD. He could’ve beat Mago…

My favorite moment was playing Xmen v.s Street fighter on the home made sticks like an arcade on the side of evo!!!

Everything that went down in our room was mad hype.

Good shit to everyone, especially Duc/Bronson/Albert for representin’ Vietnam. gs gs

Korngo/mr. correcto: Get your boy. :rofl:

-People placing bets on Everything VS Everything in Watch mode
-Spectating on the old school players fighting on CigarBob’s cabinet
-Watching Justin Wong win a pool match in CvS2 with .7 second left using the custom arcade stick he borrowed from me
-Trying to counter-cheer the Japanese guys in the 3S grand final
-Meeting the famous players face-to-face and discovering how nice everyone is
-Joking with my roommates about how the “DVD delay” was just a cover-up for SRK doing a horrible job of last-minute dubbing
-Joking with other attendees about everything, especially stupid shit that was funny
-…Sakura hot tub scene

My fav.
-My boy Charlie AKA shaix510 almost taking sending mago to loser…wonder if i was the only one that got that on tape.
-Yipes Vs Wong…too good
-Duc Vs Yipes…sick ass spiral

There were tons of crazy moments for cvs2.

Kindebu vs. Tokido match was really close. Both players with next to no life left. Tokido’s blanka knocks down Kindeu blanka. Kindebu wakes up with a RC electricity sending Tokido to the losers bracket.

Combofiend Eagle with little life making a huge comeback against Nitto’s full life Geese. Eagle lands a CC, some bnbs and throw. The match is now even with both players next to no life left. Combo’s Eagle knocks down Nitto’s Geese with a lariat. Geese does a safe fall and gets killed with the same Eagle lariat from before. Crowd goes nuts. Close ass match.

Charlie “shaix510/lilmonk” switching out his A-groove team for a P-groove and plays a crazy match against Mago almost sending Mago to the losers bracket. That match should be on the DVD.

I’ll post up more but I gotta go to sleep.

Did anyone record this? My hoebag friends weren’t recording at the time, and I wanna watch it again without the stress of playing.

Charlie vs Mago 2nd game was some hot shit. Charlie was set on auto-parry mode.

I couldn’t really see for myself, but it sounded like Albert vs Ricky and Justin was hype. I remember hearing Albert parrying hella shit into fierces and supers.

EVERY DAMN MATCH WITH NITTO! That’s all I have to say. You guys better hope they have more than top 8 on the DVD.

Laugh beating hella fools and being one or two matches away from top 8. Very impressive imo.

Combofiend going through one of the worst CVS2 brackets in US tourney history and beating the odds with pixel win after pixel win. Once again, you guys better hope they have more than top 8 on DVD.

Other games had some sick shit too, but that’s most of the CVS2 stuff I can remember.

Hey bitch, I would’ve taped it if they didn’t make me play my hella close match during yours…

Favorite Moments:

Kim beating me 'cause I suck, and then trashing Keith’s stick out of pure joy…and then later raping Campbell with the White Russian in his lap…shit was hella funny.

Getting pretty nice shots of the lifeguard at the pool, hella not realizing that the flash was on the whole time, and she probably saw me the whole time…ah well…

Fiending over “yeasty old-fashioned buckwheat…”

Cold Beer and Dirty Girls…

Having torrential rains clean my dirty ass car…

Staying in my own room again this year…

Getting a haircut at Jack in the Box while watching a white couple in their 50s making out, all the while downing 6 tacos and a full throttle.

also WES for not taking shit from random guy that was supposedly running shit