My Favorite Schoolgirl in SSF4 Arcades?

Does anyone know if Sakura will finally be in the arcade versions of SSF4? I hate going to an arcade to blow off some steam and having to play Ryu instead of Sakura.

P.S. If this question is more SSF4 related than Sakura related, I’m sorry, and please move it.

No she won’t, she’ll be the only one excluded.
But I heard they’re switching her out in favor of Birdie.

Ah, gotcha. Thanks.

Should I tell him or someone else? :rofl:

huh i don’t know , let’s wait for another reply. :wgrin:

sakura is god tier in the arcade version cause they made her lp shou into a shoryuken and she has the sakura dance as a taunt

she wont be in it because they found out she has an unblockable

Rofl i’ll just tell you the truth since i feel bad reading this thread.


So yeah kinda sucks this is only a console thing.

Not yet anyways, not that I’ll be tracking it down in the arcades but I think there’s a strong possibility it’ll make both an arcade and PC release :slight_smile:

what are you talking about there is an arcade version, its just called Street Fighter 4 Turbo instead. Ask arcade owners when they’ll be getting the machines.

Hahaha damn I guess you’re the one laughing now. Since it is confirmed there is an arcade release XD Forget what I said above.

Oh the irony.

Now that the arcade version is confirmed… do you guys think they’ll exclude her? and Who else would be left in the home version??

i doubt they’ll exclude anyone since all characters are unlocked from the beginning for console, not like vanilla sf4

its going to be all 35 which makes me excited to see some japanese players playing sakura

Japanese guys have been playing with Sakura for years…

Oh, you mean the video game.

u troll lol.

What would be the point of putting out an arcade version if they excluded characters?
The main selling point in japan is getting to go from like 13 characters to 35.

I am so glad that they have everyone. Ive always wanted to go to the arcade to match up against some real life people (stupid xbox live matches of ken, ryu, or sagat), but I always had to pick Ryu or not play at all since he is the only character I barely know and Sakura was absent. Now my local arcade shall see how bad I really am! =P