My favourite Kind of Player


My favourite kind of player is this:

“Post on the thread, blah blah blah”

SSF4 Main : Gen, Guy, Ryu, Ken, Oni, E. Ryu, honda, gief, Dee Jay, Juri, Hakan
Third Strike : Ken, Ryu, Yun, Yang, Hugo, Alex, Q, Sean
ST : Honda, Blanka, Sagat, ryu, ken, Bison, Balrog

Do any of you guys know people like that?




You win. Perfect.


Favourite type of player mmm:

One that dances to their characters ultras
One that comes to america from a far east land and takes the americans money
One that has long hair and feminine features and plays characters that match
One that looks similar to one of the best streamers
One that has the confidence to call themself GDLK even when they are losing
One that has a face full of murderous intent
One that has the power to break chairs under the sheer WEIGHT of his thoughts

Wonder if anyone can name all the players that match this


I’m confused . . .


No idea
Floe again?

  1. Correct
  2. Correct
  3. Correct
  4. Incomplete
  5. Incorrect
  6. Correct
  7. Incorrect


A huge



5 and 7 are obviously Marn.


7 is Marn XD

but 5 isn’t Marn


Ok then… 5 is Mike Ross. :slight_smile:


ill think of more of my favourite types of players and add more later


Marn has nothing on Masta CJ for number 7.


Oh, and 4 is Arturo Sanchez.


…is the kind who doesn’t make pointless threads.


what is this crap