My fifth Turtle

My rough sketch entry in yet another artxilla contest where you have to create a 5th TMNT.:stuck_out_tongue:

I call him “Vlad”

I really like how the weapon are stuck in his shell especially the dagger in his forhead.

Kinda looks like jason meets TMNT

god job!

That is fucking rediculous!

I like it.

:eek: GOTDAMN!!!

That’s quite an imagination you have there. Not only that, but your skills with the pencil are not to be taken light either. I think if the turtles took on a look similar to that for an issue or two, they would rocket back to their former level of glory. Great job Voodaz.



i would guess you were tempted to put the predator claws in too… but then recalled that other Slash turtle character in the series had claws as well…

wicked stuff.

holy crap!

Damn voodazz! That is some evil looking shit! I never would’ve thought of that in a million years! You gotta finish that, SHO NUFF!

Damn! I just noticed him healing from that broken sword wound!(right side) Am I right??

LOL. I forgot all about posting this pic here! Thanks for the props, guys. Glad you liked it.

Funk: Good eye! He is healing!:smiley: