My fight stick is sick :(


Hey guys, my fight stick isnt functioning properly, :ub: and :db: does not register, but the down left up and back works perfectly even the :uf: and :df: registers just fine. Can anyone help please?

EDIT: I have the SFIV Tournament Edition Round 1 Fight Stick. Only had it for a month or so.

UPDATE: It works sometimes but to input the said directions, I have to NOT place the stick fully on diagonally, instead the proportion of hitting the microswitches has to be leaning more on the the left direction. It seems like the PCB is prioritizing the down or up input when I execute :db: or :ub:


Does it hurt when your fight stick pees?.. = p


What fight stick do you have? PCB could have worn out on it.


I have the round 1 TE, and it cant be that I’ve only had this for about a month or so…


Open up the top and see if the connections are good?


connections are good, i havent done any mod to my stick, i just pretty much opened it to see whats inside and thats about it, is there any place where I could but the thing where the joystick hits? the thing that makes the clicky sound