My Fighting Game Idea(Draft)


Official Fighting Idea List(Draft)

General Idea:

Uses a Kof inspired metagame
Tekken like art style
Characters’ playstyles inspired by other fighter likes Sf4, Tekken, etc.
2D fighter That uses 3D character models and environments


Each character have a power up similar to Jin’s power stance from Tekken. This Gives the character abilities they didn’t have before. Things such as combo extension, Increase in meter build up, and Increase of damage on certain attacks. It goes by the name " Ki Break". It’s meant to improve a characters weak points or make them more valuable. It can also be comboed into for most of the cast to further extend combos. It’s not meant to be done randomly. Some characters only benefit by doing it in combos.

The game will have super combos as well as ultimate combos. The animations will be different when the attack hits depending on whether a person is air juggled, on the ground, or upside down.


Each character will have over 60 moves that depend on opponents position, whether they’re in the air, ground, back turned, It all matters. Throws also differ as well.

Each character will have over 10 taunts and personal actions for battle and win pose.


Story mode will use a “Smackdown: Here comes the pain” like story where you can pick from a large roster.

You’re goal is winning matches and tournaments as well as forming bonds and rivalries with other teams and characters

There are a large array of endings you can pick, not just winning a championship.

Each character have a distinct ending

By completing certain requirements, you can access character information that tell likes, dislikes, skill level, life story, etc

Story will allow to compete in events such as traveling to US to compete in a american tournament( I plan on using cameos of top players within the Fighting Game Community such as Tokido, Infiltration, Spooky, and many others.).

Types of characters:

Brawlers: known for doing damaging combos in short combos.

Technical/Combo: Characters that specializes in combo potential and main goal is create long combos. Have very low damage output with very little scaling.

Grapplers: Characters that do their main damage with grappling techniques. Most combos will consist of grab strings. Characters will have a Abel like feel to them. Some will have the speed of regular characters since they won’t have a large damage output unlike other grapplers.

Flexible: Characters with large array of movements that allow for easy move canceling and many ways to avoid getting hit. combo output is similar Technical characters except they have more ways to be creative. combos scale more though.


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I was diagnose with autism when I was younger, too.
With our autism combined, we can make the ultimate game!!

Mine would involve ponies and anime.


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Not being mean, but I wouldn’t bother posting a thread, the idea is still in the very early stages, you could have written this on a napkin. You need to really delve deeper into the concept and game mechanics.

When I was 15 I too designed a fighter, except I did for my course work at school spent roughly 6 months doing design work before even presenting it. What you’ve done is backing said, I want to design a supercar, it will have 4 wheels, black, sound like a ferrari and will have a stick shift.


Diagnosed with autism? ;_; I’m gonna take that as a insult


FGD is for games that EXIST
No wish lists or fantasy fg made up by people who don’t have anything better to do That shit belongs to gamefaqs or a blog


Maybe, but it’s relevant being there than in here. Do we have a creator’s cafe? That would be a good place for this sort of thing.


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I think that the fanfiction section is the best place for this kind of threads


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