"My fiiiight stiiiick!"

Hey guise…Rose player here…just thought i’d drop by and say this.

I never used Balrog, but I know of his power. I’ve been using him for the time trials. BaRLog BROKE my fight stick. I was playing hard…charging (I never use charge characters), mashing out the headbutt to ultra. I felt unstoppable. Until I couldn’t back up.

yup, my stick wasn’t working! ARRRGGG.


I felt embarrassed my roommate called me from downstairs and said “dude, your fightstick was knocked into Right stick settings!”

Yup, Playing Rog so hard I’m hitting random buttons!

Just thought I’d share…made me almost wanna use Barlog as a secondary ::Dodges fists::

Cool story, brah.

So…why would anyone actually want to use Rose?

they thought to themselves “hmm, i want to play SF4 but i really hate myself, who should i play? oh yes, Rose.”

ha, i know right?