My final AV request

Can someone please make me a sho’ nuff AV it can be just something random any pic is a good pic I’ll gladly take it with honors. My av won’t get touched anymore afterwards.

Thank you. If I go to Evo next year you shall be rewarded. Real talk.

Do you want your name on it?

yes thanks pal/

Tell me if you like it


Awesome, 'ppreciate it.

It says file is too large lemme see if I can adjust it later thanks anyway.

also, LL, the non-prem av dimensions are 160 x 64 (what you have there is 160 x 60 pixels). :tup:

the maximum file size for a non-prem av is approximately 19.5 kb.

Oh man! I keep forgetting the non-prem file size… :amazed:

Okay… I’m gonna fix this shit. Seriously. Sorry about this, man, I gotta think more. I’m too used to making prem avs :sweat:

It’s cool lol. You’re doing me a favor if anything. This sho’nuff dying hit me hard so you ok my dude.

Yeah me too… RIP Sho’ Nuff :sad:

^That should work, my man