My final stand. (tl;dr)

I’m not sure where to go with this anymore.I’ve been been on this site since 08’ and made an account in 09’ with question regarding to arcade sticks. I’m not much of a poster but I do love to sit back and enjoy the drama and discussions of the SRK community.

 Mind me if I seem to rambling but I want to say that I am accustomed to this site and read most of which would be required to before asking questions. This question in particular is for street fighter 4. I am nowhere near the best fighter or even a good one but I do hold my own. The factor that separates me from my opponents that usually I am more informed than they are in a technical manner. I believe in Experience is what counts so usually players who played longer are usually more capable. Mind the little back story I believe this is the way to explain what type of player I am and for any individual out there that would be so kind to give me tips.Enough beating around the bush.I waned to get back into the fighting scene after leaving it for like 3-4 years,after hearing about the 3 fighters that would come out in 09' I would figure with the current generation of console that we are in it would be a perfect time to get back in the scene.I purchased all 3 Tekken 6,Street Fighter 4,and Blazblue. Tekken and Blazblue i'm decent in I win,I lose getting better and seeing my progress.Now here comes the problem...Street fighter 4. I suck ASS at this game I'm horrible getting trashed by mashers and anything I was clueless.I was so bad that I got kicked out of player matches in vanilla. It hurt me I am usually average at fighting games with the future of only getting better. with street fighter 4 it was like I was getting worse the more I play.After countless hours of training(well I don't believe 1134hrs is countless but a good amount.) Switching mains at the time refusing to main ryu or ken for whatever reason. I got nowhere and wasted my life.I missed out on great titles just to get better at this game this is the only fighting game I was this bad in and I played 3rd strike.After trying my hardest losing to every player who were not even trying I dropped my stick and quit.

Later on I heard of super street fighter 4 with news going around that they did balancing and tweaked the game added characters.I bought it. :) What ever tweaking they did it worked. I went from winning like 1/30 of my games to 1/15. I still suck ass though and I still have DP spamming Ryu's      taunting me for failing it to punish it although i spent about 30 hours practicing on that alone. I think i'm spending too much time on the dummy...I don't know.My execution is decent I learned my links lol I'm starting to think i'm the like the only low level player who tries to attempt them. I did even more training and seriously tried some of the newcomers. I had most success with Dee Jay. Focused on him trained some more but every match felt like a chore. You cant guess a spammer and the Shoto's Deep J.Hk beat all versions of his up kick except his EX or i'm doing it wrong.Seeing if it was just me I for shits and giggles picked Ryu and all of a sudden I started winning more but not by that much. I really want to know what i'm doing wrong. I am a beginner but I don't spam,I don't do random ultras in desperation. I try to BnB for Hit confirms.I study match-ups.I watch and analyze other players comment and exchange info.I train really hard. I wouldn't have cared but the amount of shitty I am at this game is not a joke.Its hard for me to sleep at night.

TL;DR I suck ass at street fighter 4.Practiced all I can to get better.Read all stickies read important threads relating to character. Avoid scrubby tactics gets beat by players abusing tactics I previously avoided.Practiced to counter tactics no go. Decent at all other fighters played. You probably thought I was a child if you saw me play. Excuse me while I now lay in a fetal position and await someone to say something negative.

Your post was too long and to be honest I didn’t read all of it, but I think the gist of it was “I’ve practiced very hard but I’m still getting beat by scrubs” or something like that. Ryu’s j. rh is VERY GOOD imo. Doesn’t beat everything, but is a headache for people that don’t have good anti-airs or have slow reflexes. I guess strategy against it depends on the character you’re using. Just find the best anti-air option against it. If you’re using DeeJay, I believe the preferred up-kick to use is always the low kick version. Don’t ask me why, but it supposedly beats almost everything.

try other genres

Try not whining on the internet about it.

Look, I play Dudley in Super, and the moment I hit 5000 BP I went down almost 1500 points. I’m STILL down there. The point is that you can’t just give up because what you’re doing isn’t working. You can’t just come on SRK and then whine about scrubs. Set up the situations where you face scrubby play and then practice countering that. Find some people on SRK to play with.

I read your whole post, but I still don’t really understand what your problem is. I understand that you’re frustrated and you have trouble with DP spamming and Ryu’s j.HK, but that can’t really be what this is all about. Maybe you don’t block enough? It’s just too vague to give a helpful reply. Maybe try to focus more on 1 or 2 games or fewer fighters?

True, I had to let off some steam.Thanks for the tip but in my post I stated I already know what to do but I don’t know I just fail at this game. and to the other dude with the try new genres I play Most genres except RTS’s I don’t find much fun or entertainment from them.

When posting a thread like this try to include video of one or two of your losses. That way you will receive advise that will pinpoint your problems more accurately than complaining about scrubs.

No offense, but apparently you don’t if you’re still getting beat.
Anyway, if you want to get better, you HAVE to figure out how to 100% consistently beat j. rh. No ryu should ever be jumping in on you for free with that shit. If you have to, meet him air to air with one of DJ’s better A2A normals (j. mp?)

I feel fo you man. Except my story doesn’t have a Happily Ever After. Im on a shitty 13 lose streak right now, and I think im about to throw my controller at the wall. Spiral Arrow Camm’ys, Wake-Up Kens (A Pain in the ass for Adon) and jump in H. Kick, crouching H. Kick. It’s frustrating as hell right now… I just REAAAALLLY need to let off some stress…

I’m not whining maybe you did not read all of my post. Maybe I made it too drawn out for effective comprehension. I’m just asking what am I doing wrong.How to get better I am not seeing any progress after lengthy training.I want friends to play with but im not sure if this is a good way.

I am looking for a better way to train.I need help I tried everything I think possible to get better at this game loss after loss I’m still persistent.I watch all the replays I lost and try to get better I even imitate an action that the opponent gave me trouble with in training mode and learn to counter it but nothing helps I get trashed and is just free bp for anyone. I’m the reason in vanilla that trashy Kens left G3…

Well… then I’m assuming you learn to counter this stuff, but can’t do it in a real match? Maybe you’re spending too much time in training mode. Real fighting is done in the streets. But seriously, it sounds like maybe it’s your reaction/anticipation that’s lacking. You gotta feel the opponent out, look for what he’s trying to do. Maybe you get hit by a wakeup DP or two, but then you should be expecting it. It doesn’t sound like you’re failing to utilize training mode.

I play on ps3. I don’t have any video capturing devices…

Sometimes my up kick gets beat by it. That normal tip thats what i’m looking for in this thread! So huh. The J.rh is so scary that I sometimes give up my down charge so I can block it. This lag will be the death of me.

Nice to know someone knows how I feel. Its tough man. If there is anyone in this thread feeling you pain now its me. Best of luck to you man. Adon has the tools but he is so limited with what he can do with his specials makes him very predictable he is a beast when he gets going though.

Its like I become retarded when I fight I can’t do anything right,make bad decisions,forget moves,ect. Its not like i’m scared I just lose focus.Naturally I was a rushdown player making the enemy guess Mixups and all. Worst decision ever. Maybe I was predictable but walking towards and enemy just got me slapped. So I just went defensive. It seems like its all you can do at this game unless you have gdlk execution.

If you’re asking about what you’re doing wrong, then you’ve either done a poor job asking it or you’re asking the wrong people. Given that this is SRK, I’m going to assume the first: TBirdSF4 said the best possible thing. Get some footage of your matches. Hell, you might be able to do this on your own since Super will automatically save your matches for you to review in your Battle Log: go back and watch your matches. What is your opponent doing? What are you doing when you take damage? If you’re eating a lot of wakeup dp’s and ultras, then don’t jump in, or learn to time the safe jump correctly. Are they beating you with pokes? Learn the range of their pokes and learn some footsies, step in and out of that range and try to guard, punish with counterpoke. If you think the problem is that your punishes are bad, then get in training mode and practice your punishing combos. Get your execution crispy, at least enough that if they throw out a random DP, you can just throw out that combo and shut down that option.

You have a hand, and the internet is full of porn.

Dude, you **are **whining…and you need to take a break from the game.
Get your mind right.

If you still want to give SSF4 another go, then start afresh.

Thanks for your advice.Sorry to say though that I already do this. Alot. After my losing streak probably about 20 games or so. I look at my replays ,spot something giving me trouble and make the training dummy do it and I try my best to punish it. I try 2 variations Execution heavy big damage punisher or simple on reaction punish. I stated my troubles after doing training methods on my first post on the last 2 sections. One I normally use with Dee Jay is after doing 2 jabs the opponent mashing dp hoping I mess up my link shoots into the sky with a fierce DP I punish with Machine gun upper EX if I have bar. I tried using C.fierce Machine gun punch for more damage but I don’t have the timing down yet.

To whine is to complain or protest in a childish manner I am trying my best to do the opposite of that. I’m sorry if this post seems stupid but i’m being sincere. I did break and start fresh I quit the original SF4 and Picked up Super Street Fighter 4. I started fresh in my opening post I stated I tried all the newcomers and picked and had most success with Dee Jay.

It seems your problem is that you’re dropping combos. Get those combos crispy. You can’t just learn a combo, practice it once, and then expect to be able to do it on command. You need to get that timing down as best you can.

You are going wrong somewhere and it’s hard to tell you where from a post on a messageboard.

If you can’t upload a video your best bet is to play with people from srk who are willing to give you constructive criticism.

Check out the psn matchup forum:

I am starting to believe this is not the best way to get help. I really hope this thread did not portray me as a bad individual. Maybe the best approach would be to to add some of you guys and you guys can give me some tricks and point out my scrubbery. I love doing lots of matches usually you will leave before I do. My ideal partner would be one who likes to fight for lengthy amounts of time against the same opponent.

  1. you probably read and study too much.
  2. you don’t try to feel the opponent. you try to play the match-up too much and not the opponent. this is important especially if you play online a lot. during online sessions there’s a lot of time when i don’t play the match-up cause i know my opponent doesn’t know the match-up or i know they’ll be reckless (90% of the players).
  3. your basics are probably crap. most of the time when people study this stuff and still lose a lot it’s cause their basic sucks hard. anti-airs especially. cover that and you’ll win 40% of your matches already online.
  4. trying to put everything in your game at once. practice/focus on one thing during a match works better for me. ex. one day i might be focusing more on footsies, zoning, etc. then another day i might work more on mix-ups.