My first AE 2012 Tournament



I’m competing at Sakura-con in Seattle tomorrow.

I’m playing cammy, of course.

I’m hoping to meet some cool people. Very excited!


Best of luck to you! Have a good time and kick some ass!

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I watched a BBlue stream yesterday, from sakura-con. I hope that you can make it to the stream too. Best of wishes from Chile!

EDIT: I’ve seen a AE2012 tream from sakura con, and I think that I didn’t see you. Overall, there was just 1 cammy in the whole tourney, don’t tell me that it was you =(.


If it was Cammy vs. Dudley and Cammy vs. Yun then yeah that was probably me…I was playing really really bad =(

I don’t know how I squeaked out that win with the Dudley player. After the match I gave him the complimentary hand shake and good game and he said “no that wasn’t a good game, that fucking sucked”. Then to a group of friends to complain about how terrible that was. That made my event =)

I had way more fun in the UMvC3 tourney earlier that day.

In any case, I tried to fix my Cammy before the match but I hadn’t picked SSF4 in 4 months and SFxT has ruined me pretty hard.


@Mr thread starter
How did it go?


We will never know.


How i wish i could lie right now… But the truth it shall be…

I had my sister with me and she didn’t want to stay the whole tournament and miss seeing chris sabat aka Voice of Vegeta from DBZ. So i ended up going to that.

But after watching the sakura play from exhibitin matches i was in, (the dude went 25 and 2 >.<)i didn’t think i’d do well Enough. Plus sakuras and ibukis always gave me problems.

Sorry for the LAAAAAATE post. I’ll spare the details of the absence.