My First Avatar

help me please!

K I need some tips and reviews about this. I’ve never really made an avatar before, but I thought I’d try it.

I also need some help:

  1. why is the animation playing so fast?
  2. Why are the colors messed up? It should have a white border and the background isn’t that odd maroon color. Any ideas to as what could have happened?


Please help me. I don’t understand why it plays so fast and the colors get all fucked up.

Animation: The default timing on animation is " No delay " you have to manually set for each frame in order to make it do what you want, examples.

The timing on this one is different on the most every frame.

Dirty backgrounds. The back grounds are boring and full of pointless artifacts. I’m not a fan of borders, but you need some.

My two cents: In my opinion, a lot of the time it isn’t about animation, it’s about taste.


how would you suggest I make good backgrounds? I’m very new at this.

trying out the delay stuff

those were too slow…lemme try again

Option one, steal one. Change around the hue and brightness, boom. Background.

I haven’t bothered to learn how to make backgrounds. I’m learning myself and perhaps someone else can help you with this. I say that you read through the stickies. I haven’t but there might be something there.

Edit: Akuma looks fine there, he just looks boring as hell. Seen that avatar a million times.That dude…he is just sitting there and there is no point to him.

That’s kinda the point with the second dude. It’s a simple avatar.

I’m ashamed of my akuma avatar. i’m glad the the background on the BB Hood one didn’t screw up, but it still looks like shit.

thanks for your help.

First avatars always suck, unless you are me. Just watch what other people are doing, hell, save it and check what they are doing and try to imitate with other sprites. I think you should start with non animated ones’ Just focus on doing a nicely planned and laid png. LIke my avatar. I’ve been rocking it for months now.

Yeah, you are probably right. I like the animation though. That’s what has always attracted me. I’ll definetely try it though.

Those are actually really good for first tries. Yeah, don’t feel like you have to animate them all, though. Especially because you can make more vibrant colors/backgrounds and keep it under 20kb, which is hard with animations.

Okay, as for the color thing, that confused me for a while, too. I’m assuming you’re using ImageReady, if not, don’t think I can help you.

There’s settings, possibly the window is already up, on the top right, for numbers of colors. Erm, there, got it. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, click window > optimize, and the check mark will be by it, and it’ll open a little box somewhere, it was the top right for me. Click the ‘color table’ triangle to open that section, and check out the color setting. The lower it is, the shittier and more fucked up your background gets, if it’s complicated at all/has a lot of color. If you use more colors, though, the file size grows, so you have to compensate on one end or the other.

That’s on ImageReady CS, but if you’re using 7.0 or something it should be at least similar. Lemme know if that helps.

And a quick, easy way for a border is to just make a layer on top of everything, get the selection tool, and either right click > select all, or press ctrl + A. Then go to edit > stroke, 1 pixel, (or more if you want thicker) and generally a black one is good. Personally I think everything looks 100x better with a 1px black border, as opposed to none. o_o

The suck and you know it. The border thing is a lie! A lie I tall ya!

PS: I love how the people with the least skill are giving him advice.

Edit: I just saw some of your work, you suck less than I do.

I kinda like his avatars though. I like the simplicity. don’t trash on him.
I take advice from wherever it comes.

Thanks Mechanica, I think I have an idea on what you are talking about.

Mechs know I’m jocking. We do suck, look at robotron and DG for crazy ass avatars. Did anyone else join team M kick?

Oh alright. Here are some non animated stuff I tried:

well it says that the file integrety failed, so I can’t upload them to imageshack…

And I can’t manage attachments for some reason, crud.

Edit, forgot a step, here they are:

I’m a little dissapointed with how the last one turned out. I think I should make the squares a different color.

Only premies get attachments.

there. got em working.

Congrats, are as good as me now.

Lol wewt.

I’m having trouble finding sprites. I mean, fightersgeneration is good but they are all animated.

Does anyone know any good sites that have a bunch of non animated sprites?

brb, gotta pee.

do you have AIM shin?


Well I meant Aol, but MSN works too
dling the new version.

Adding text sounds scary, but I need to know how to take the next step

Ha ha, I haven’t added text to any yet.