My first box and a few ?s

I finally secured all the parts for my stick with the exception of a wired 360 PCB, I think it turned out pretty well. I still need to figure out what I’m going to do as far as art work is concerned but I have an air brush artist chomping at the bit to paint my baby right on up with whatever I want.

If anyone knows anyone who sells pre-soldered 360 PCB’s feel free to hook a scrub up.

It got a bit greasy today as you can notice fingerprints on it, but I was at work when I took the pics and I’m a mechanic so what do you expect?

Without further ado, My box :lovin:

Looking good, but theres plenty of people selling pre-soldered PCB’s. Use the search box buddy.

That things abot half the size of the original xbox, but it looks really good. Check the trading outlet for PCB’s. I know a bunch of users will be more than happy to make one for you.

wow it looks friggen huge and i’m personally not a fan of that spaced out button layout. But to each his own, good job.

I went with a standard template from one of the threads here but I basically positioned the buttons/stick to where I felt comfortable while relaxing in my lazyboy. To add a little perspective to how it is constructed the side panels underneath the top are sunk into the top board and the bottom is sunk into the frame of the box itself so there are no visible screws/nails on any side except the bottom.

oooffff, Lazyboy + Arcade Gaming. I feel petty and small now in my computer chair :sad:

When you work as hard as I do, you take great effort to make sure that when you have time off you spend it as comfortable as possible :rofl:

Edit: Also Nareg no longer does pad hacks, big bummer cause I spent time on the net at work browsing and I thought I found someone who could hook me up. I tried my hand at soldering a wireless 360 controller and I have just about every tool short of an electron microscope at work and I just can’t work with things that small.