My first custom arcade build journal

I think it would be interesting to make a journal of my first build for future reference and also to get help from the people on the forum. I’m totally new to building arcade stick so please be cool with me! I will keep this thread updated with informations i gather and pictures for every step i go thru. This stick is going to be for a PS3.

Why did i decided to build a stick right now? there is many reasons… here is a few:

-Yes…street fighter 4 was totally under the radar for me … now i own it and LOVE it. So im late to get an arcade stick. Every stick i was looking for the past 2 weeks is now backordered or out of price for me.
-I have some good manual skills. Im not the best but an arcade stick must be easier to build than a radio/control sailboat… and i did 3 of those.
-To learn and be proud of myself!

Ok , now lets talk about what kind of stick i want to build. Very basic i think. I want a 6 buttons stick. I will exclusively play sf4 with it. I will keep some place to add 2 others button if i feel the need too.

Overall here are the part im looking at. Comment if you think i could get better or different!

Cthulhu PC/PS3 PCB Here is a picture with all the connector
1 Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Joystick white
6 Sanwa OBSN-30 white Pushbutton (great sanwa/seimitsu faq here)
1 Sanwa OBSN-24 green Pushbutton
1 Sanwa OBSN-24 red Pushbutton
1 Sanwa OBSN-24 yellow Pushbutton

All the wiring will be bought locally at my electronic shop.

Im will order from lizardlick. One is because i like the website, easy to find stuff on it. Also because their shipping price are good. Im also checking akihabarashop right now.

Before i order please tell me if im missing something for the guts of the stick!

i just chose my box material. It will be Cherrywood 3/4’’. Bought the plank for 17$cad. Im in the process of drawing on the wood and will post picture of the wood tommorow morning.

Im also trying to find how to make the top of the box screw less… any idea?

Man. I’m in the exact same boat as you! I’m just getting down to business after buying SFIV. Too bad we’re on different systems! I’ll keep you updated on mine too!

you might want to also order an octagonal gate and some ls-33 springs, depending on what kind of feel you’re looking for. other than that your parts list looks pretty complete. in any case you can’t go wrong with LL, i’ve ordered from them 3 times and have had nothing but positive experiences. i believe to achieve a screwless top, if you’re using plexi, to have the plexi be held down solely by the buttons. if you’re not using plexi you can countersink the screws and paint over them, i think. don’t quote me on that.