My first Custom PS3 Fighting stick

The only parts I have decided on so far.

Stick: Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Joystick Violet
Main Buttons: OBSF-30 Pushbutton x 6 Violet
PS Button: Happ/IL Translucent Pushbutton Red illuminated from below
Start/Select: OBSF-30 Pushbutton x 2 White
PCB: Sixaxis with AXISdapter

Hopefully final build will be completely wireless with rechargeable battery.

I plan to install them against a simple acryllic black design with white letterings around the buttons for which button they correspond to. Most likely american style placing of the buttons with a little extra spacing between stick and buttons than normal.

Will update with pictures throughout build till final.

Any suggestions on the parts I’ve chosen or design tips gladly welcome.

I bought my wood today and magnetic connectors, accidentally got the wrong hinges though :-. If your looking at that pic and wondering why its so big of a box well I’ve decided to go with one of those 2-player designs I’ve seen after searching around.

I’ve also decided to go with 8 game-play buttons now just in case I want to use it for future PSN titles. The controller will be completely wireless with two usb ports for the players.

well I ran into a problem I think. I wanted to use sanwa buttons and their mounting depth is like 0-8 mm yet the wood thickness is 1/2in.

I was thinking since im putting a thin layer of acryllic on top of the panel I could just do this:

Drill a 30MM hole through the acryllic, then a 38-40 mm hole through the wood since im using threaded screw in buttons with a nut. This will give me ample room for the nut to screw through the wood and grasp against the acryllic.

I just wanted to shoot this idea off people first and see if anyones got a better one.

There are many different mounting options presented on this page, broken down as to which types of tools you have available to you. The whole website as a whole is a great reference for building your own stick. Good luck and I’m sure the end product will be awesome!