My First Custom Stick FINISHED!

check it out…took a lot of blood, sweat & tears, but i love how it turned out. Especially for my first one. This one really helped me find ways to make the next one a lot easier/quicker. Thanks for all the help from ppl on here like AWI, Ricky Ross, mgcnascarfan24, Slagcoin, SRK tech forums and anyone else that was nice enough to help out.



-Sanwa JLF joystick w/square gate (for the moment)
-11 Sanwa 30mm ***-in buttons (6 blue - 3 yellow - 2 white)
-Hacked 360 PCB (done by my boy Leroy)
-Rechargeable Battery Pack (plug-n-play kit inside)
-Extra long USB cord
-1 headset Jack
-Custom Graphic from Kinkos ($8)
-3 11x17 plexiglass sheets
-4 rubber feet
-the sides are all poplar wood ($10 at lowes)

any comments or critiscm is appreciated.

Nice stick, why not just post it in the “Check out my new Arcade Stick” thread though?

I dont blame him for not… that thread pretty much sucks now, atleast imo

im tired of looking at SE and TE’s with artwork being called “custom”

anyways… to the OP, looks like you did a fine job

but did you really cry while making it?

yeah that thread is much cluttered with huge pictures. But i did post in there as well, just in case.

Domz…nah, no tears just always wanted to say that. I did wanna pull my hair out on a few things like the mic jack and pcb though.

thanks for checking it out.

Heh so true… It takes A LOT of effort to build a true custom and every other freakin post in the thread is a TE SE button swap with random art printed from the internet.

I say we split it.

Check out my MODDED arcade stick and
Check out my CUSTOM arcade stick.

we can lock the current one

looks at Kyle

That’s a really good idea.

I disagree. IMO a custom stick is a modded stick, you’ve still added your own personal flair or touch to that stick and “customized” it. What I am sick of seeing though is just people posting un-modded TE’s and SE’s (Seemingly since the thread title has changed to Check out my new Arcade Stick). Yeah, thanks for showing me a picture of an arcade stick that I have seen over and over again. Having it placed next to your computer sure makes a hell of a difference and makes it look 100 times better than my TE (I dont have one, im speaking hypothetically).

But back on track. Nice stick OP. How long did it take you to finish altogether? Nice to see a lot of hard work went into it.

thanks bailey…considering it was my first stick it took me about 4 months. I had to buy a lot of tools for it though, so it wasnt too bad. Thanks for checking it out.

He needed to feel special so show him his props, I guess…

Good idea but could be catastrophic. People new to Tech Talk or 09ers might confuse the two and make an even greater clutter.

Don’t look at my registration date.

The stick looks great, especially for a first time job.

Good point, I’ve posted pics of my SE and TE, but they were in a group shot with my other modded sticks - not solely posted.

My only single stick posts were a Sanwa modded Namco stick, and a heavily modded SF 15th Anniversary stick (the only stock parts left after the mod were the case, plexi and t-molding).

It is somewhat annoying to constantly see every person that just slapped on new art and a plexi to post their stick - and then again when they swap the art to match the newest fighting game.

Yea a separate thread is prolly a bad idea. But dear God if I see one more TE button art swap I think I’m gonna barf.

1st let me apologize to phatal for going off topic a bit… but I dont think that 2 seperate threads is a bad idea.

1 thread for hand made (from scratch) and 1 just for modded (customized)

I really dig the artwork and color scheme you choose.

My only suggestion would be to cover up the screws on the side… or maybe use a different method of joining the pieces together such as dowels/glue

I second this. We were talking about this one #srktt the other day.