My first drawing (PART 5) W00T w00t


the best of the series. my 5th drawing anniversery. hope u like!

i think i am improving alot.

km, u think i should take a break so my pics come out like my first guile or am i still in the catagory to compete with u? i think i evolved so i can compete with the big artists here.:smiley:


Psshh… don’t flatter yourself. Were u eva in my category in the first place? HONESTLY, could you have ever possibily created such an accurate heavenly portrait of one of greatest detective of all time inot absolute perfection like how i did today?


did u ever see my fred? its in my first drawing part 4


Re: Re: My first drawing (PART 5) W00T w00t

LOL, yeah i saw it. I was gonna post my felma pic there but i saw then u already made this thread so i posted here.