My first (edited) seth combo video (needs music)

This is my first combo video starring seth and I want to hear some constructive critisism. This is my first try at this video making thing and I have little to no knowledge so any advice would be much appreciated.

heres the video: [media=youtube]QjVujYJwdGs[/media]

I didn’t put music in the video because I couldn’t think of a good song to use so if anybody has and Idea I will give you props when I re-upload the video (if that means anything to you).

Hope you enjoy it:woot:

I know the perfect song for this - [media=youtube]pjgFYQMWtqo[/media] (Give it a sec to start up plz)
Kinda fits the weirdness/bizarreness of Seth’s combos.

Great combos in that video, I thought I knew almost every combo with Seth, but you proved me wrong lol. (There’s about three in there:arazz::wgrin:) Only thing that I can come up with is, separate your mix-ups from your combos.
Your video had Combos/mix-ups/ Impractical combos. Maybe put them like Combos/Impractical Combos/Mix-ups. Oh yeah! Plz keep the stick man in there, that mean mug on his face is classic LOL.:lovin:

If you want to add more towards your mix-up section, I’ll glady show you some. My GT is by my Avatar :bgrin:
Overall, great Video:tup:.

Those impractical combos you did are actually combos that are worth doing. Nice combo vid, with the resets, you can dash under them after dive kick combo.

I like the song and can surely see seth with a trance/techno song, but I just can’t see the vid with that song (no offense but too many “act like you know”'s) and I would much prefer an instrumental.

I wanted to add mixup to the video but it was getting way too long (around 8 minutes) so I decided to cut it out. That and I say impractical because timing is very strict and a dropped combo on those means full meter burning and getting punished badly.


You want instrumental, you got it:tup::rock: [media=youtube]A7lVG9RqU1E[/media]

Please god do not use this, it reminds me of this:

Fucking thousands of gameplay/combo vids of games are plagued by either metal or hardrock. I like Zaiths submission, it fits Seth really well imo plus Bionic Commander is awesome.

=D ty


Good video. Could’ve used some stomp jump ins for the cross-up j.HK. I have some other ideas for resets, but I’ll keep them to myself unless you really want to add to the vid or make a new one solely for resets.

[media=youtube]Q6D0CX3C9dE&feature=related[/media] it drops at around 0:50.

Was used in an oooold akuma combo video.

You don’t like prog Warlike, or did you not listen to the whole instrumental? I thought all of the changing time-signatures would fit Seth well.

I can’t say I’m a big fan of it, though I’ve never really looked that much into it. I have a friends who loves it though, I just get really tired because the songs last too long for me. I’m more of a folk-rock and indie-rock person. Most of my music is either from the 60s 70s (sometimes 80s) and the occasional 90s song mixed in between. Modern music…I guess Interpol and Grizzly Bear are good bands.

Recommend me a good prog. rock song and I’ll give it a proper listen.

Most prog is pretty long, and I listen to Progressive Metal more, but you might like these.

[media=youtube]CaQpC4HuJ5M"[/media] (Part 2 is an entire album)
These are from Images and Words (1992). DT had more of a rock sound back then, but their more recent work has a metal sound.

This is an instrumental from the band’s only album, Friendship Time, which was released in the 70’s.

Mahavishnu Orchestra is a Jazz Fusion group, but I listen to jazz fusion sometimes.

King Crimson and Porcupine Tree are pretty good, but I don’t listen to them very often.

Loved the Frendship Time-ENGINE song, but it feels too happy for a seth video.

I like this song and unless someone can come up with something better by christmas I will use it.

Metroxylon I wouldn’t mind having a few matches and seeing those resets in action. After that I will decide on wether or not to make a new vid or add to the old one. If you want to just send me a friend request. I am on usually from 8 till usually 11 at night.

Oh and to xlxlxlxl I like those songs but like I said before I really wanted a techno song for this because:

  1. Soooooooo many videos in general are accompanied by rock
  2. Seth is a technological marvel so techno would work well

P.S. I count trance as a type of techno

BTW I can show you some sick mix-ups too if you’ll like. Hit me up on Xbox. GT Za1th

its not too bad. too many jump in, cr.hp in my opinion though. throw in a couple of, those are always fun!