My first fight stick


Ive been looking to get mt first Fight Stick and need some suggestions.Im on a semi-strict budget and not really looking for anything too fancy. My first choice is the Hori VX,but im not really too sure


For a basic arcade stick you could get the Datel Arcade Pro, which is very cheap and it works on PS3/360. Or a Hori EX2, which again is a cheap stick.


Dude…never get a cheap stick. Sure the Datel Arcade Pro works with 360, PS3, and PC, but the only good thing about it is the PCB. Go look on Newegg, there are good sticks that are now discounted.


Please read the stickies. There are links to reviews of most every stick on the market in the arcade stick FAQ, as well as advice on whether the cheapos are worth it (they mostly aren’t).