My first fight stick!

Hi. I’ve loved fighting games ever since i pulled off my first ultra combo in Killer Instinct for the SNES, and when i bought UMvC3 a while back I told myself i would get a fight stick and get a little serious. Well fast forward to today and I got a Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA KAI. I have no idea what im doing yet. Ha.

Can anyone point me to a tips thread? i saw something about a Daigo grip, which felt comfortable to me, but i wanna know a bit more.

For MvC3 right? Would vids like this help? One is Blazblue but I think it can help with Marvel too.


Some light reading to help you solve your problems:

The first two links isn’t 100% about learning how to use an arcade stick, but a lot of that information is still relevant, and I’d advise you sift through it.

Thanks. I actually own Blazblue and would love to learn that one eventually.

@eltrouble Thanks also, not used to navigating these forums yet, alot of help.