My first Guilty Gear 2 arcade expierence

I just got back from the arcade, I played some SVC CHAOS, but they had one new machine there that I was stoked on. For I never played this before, not even for home. Guilty Gear 2.

I’ve seen vid’s of it on my copy of Evo 2003. I had no idea what to do or who to choose. So I went with I-No, that guitar chick. I was doing pretty good and lsot to that big bad muthafucka, so I continued and used Sol badguy.

Then some guy challenged me. I dont even know the name of his character, but he stands on his tippy toes, all backwards n shit, no posture, liek he’s lying down. He had moves that were a dog would appear or a blade. I have no clue. He was good, yet somehow I beat him with Sol Badguy. It was a good ’ n close match. He won one round, and almost had me on the last one. I lose again to the CPU and stuck to I-No.

I had like one combo with her, qcb + P, hcb, f + K. It was workin, the biggest combo I did was prolyl 4 - 6 hits. I didnt have a good perspective on her super. Yet at the same time this cabinet was a capcom game, and forward kick was stuck down.

I really wanna buy this game & get an idea of the gameplay. Though it might be a while before I go back to the arcade. In the meanstime, I need training.

I’m a newbie to GGXX. I like the super jumps, chain, air dashing, specials and combo system. But I’m a newbie, not even close to scrub level prolly. So gimem the info that would be provided in the guide book that comes with the game to the pro shit.

all the info in the guide book you need can be found at gamecombos’ old GGXX page.

all the other beginner info you need can be found on the GGXX beginner thread here.

btw, the name of the guy you played against was Zappa.

Well well well… about gameplay?

Turtling is not an option for this game coz of its system. Any forwards movement will help you build your tension (a.k.a. super meter). When you’re turtling, you have NO METER and LOTS of guard damage (especially from venom, I-NO). You could use this tension for your supers, cancels and counters. Also, this game uses a BURST move, where you can counter your opponents move. For more info, check other more specific threads.

thanx, just so ya know I did no turtling what so ever.

Good to hear the spawn of a new ggxx player. I’ve never seen anyone turtle with Sol, that priority hugging bastard. Anyway, I’ve also never heard anyone starting out as I-No. Everyone I saw started with Ky, Sol, or Chipp because they’re “cool” looking.

you are right Goonie, I-No is such a complex character for a spawning player. At first I started out with Ky, coz he’s moves are simple. Also for me, the Guilty Gear Series are one of the best games around.

I started with I-no… (I’ve never played GGX, GGXX was my first guilty gear)

anyway, I soon realized she’s too hard to use properly for a newb… and switched over to Testament not long after. Testament is an excellent beginner character, as he’s simple to play and has damaging combos that are easy to execute. (heck I don’t even play Marvel and I got Testament’s combos down pretty quickly)

It’s usually publicly agreed that he’s a low-tier character though (although not impossible, you need to do more than just webbing & hi-lo mix on wake up if you want to beat good players)… so now I’m with Faust. I think Faust, Baiken are also good beginner characters… Faust is excellent if you came from CvS2 (poking madness), and with Baiken all you really need at the beginning is her sweep->mat->j.S->j.D combo and her counters, to beat some scrubs… (of course it’s much more than that later on)

Personally, I like I-no for basics. Besides mashing on Sol’s grand viper, she an Millia were the first characters I really tried to pick up, and she was a LOT simpler than millia for me. I didn’t worry about the 632146K move for a long time, I just applied a lot of pressure with her fireball and dashed in with HS into Mikestand. Tons of cheezy damage for next to nothing, then when I remembered to, I just threw a super. If you play her without her RC’s she’s ridiculously easy to beat down suckers with. Oh, and throwing like a scrubby bastard. Her throws are PREPOSTEROUSLY GOOD.

That playstyle runs into problems against anyone who knows the game well, though, because you get lazy, which means you’re probably gonna start eating some properly timed anti-airs, which, let me tell you, really sucks against a Sol who knows his combos.

Learn to hate the ownage that is Sol Badguy and Baiken. :devil:

i started out with ky but totally playing slayer now.

whats up with slayer? how come slayer players seem rare?

maybe slayer doesn’t look “cool enough?” I mean, baiken is good because she’s all sexy and Kenshin like. but slayer doesn’t really look like a threatening vampire. he does major damage though IMO.

slayer is so thug like though