My first joystick hack complete! Thanks for the help!

This was a pretty simple mod by SRK standards, but a tough job for a newbie! I left in the stock parts that came with the DC Agetec stick, since I’ve already got a quality Sanwa stick to play with–this was just a starter project. The real meat to this project was stripping down the 360 controller and wiring all the buttons and microswitches to it, along with teaching myself a lot about how to solder and how circuit boards work. I managed to slice a couple traces on the first 360 PCB I worked with, and I’m leaving the repair as a project for another day. Fortunately, I was able to find a brand-new Madcatz Retro Arcade stick at Gamestop, and got a copy of Frogger and Time Pilot out of the deal, too.

I didn’t bother wiring up the triggers for my first project, but X,Y,B,A,RB,LB, and Start are wired to the buttons on the face of the joystick and the two buttons glued to the back (cheapo Madcatz SE buttons) are Guide and Back. The stick works perfectly on my 360, and the stock buttons and stick are surprisingly decent. The joystick uses real Omron microswitches, too–I always found it funny that my Madcatz SE stick had switches labeled “Qmsron.” The only thing I still want to do is find a piece of plastic or wood that can fit in the hole for the VMU screen, as the wiring to the Guide and Back buttons is visible.

All in all, I think I did a pretty good job! Thanks to everyone that gave me advice or useful links. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the SRK forums!

sorry I wasnt able to help but congrats on getting it squared away

now go and enjoy it :wink: