My first local tourney tomorrow

Hey guys, this is more of a thank you thread than anything else, but since visiting these forums my game has improved in a big way, so I decided I would try out my local scene. First I started visiting the arcades, and I think I’m ready to go to my first tournament tomorrow.

I’m pretty excited (and…nervous? Is it weird to be nervous over playing a video game?) I’ll do my best to rep the sunglasses.

I was nervous as hell my first tourney.

Don’t forget to post vids! Good luck!

I finished 9th overall in my recent tourny which I feel is a massive jump from 14th place that I was getting consistently. My matches won’t be recorded as only the qtr finals and finals are recorded.

I lost my semi final match against an Abel player who knew the Guile match up really well. wasn’t a thrashing, but it doesn’t change the fact that I got outplayed and that Abel is still my worst matchup as well as Viper. Had tough matches against Akuma, Ryu, Rufus leading up to my semi final.

Against one of the top sagats in my 2nd round match in the winners bracket, I was fortunate to gain a lifelead and then playing in a disgusting fashion by playing the full screen fireball game until Sagat was forced to chase me with the clock winding down. AFter that, he said to me “That is why the match up is 6-4 in favour of Guile”, which I tend to disagree on.

Given Guile’s big improvements in SSF4, I felt I underacheived given there were 70 competitors. Next month I hope to make a push for the Top 8.

Well…I did okay! I was…12 or 13th. Something like that. My first match was against a Seth who I smashed, so it boosted my confidence a lot. I ended up losing my next match against the Sagat that Hoppa mentioned and got knocked into losers. From there, I remember having good matchs that I won against a Ryu, a Juri and a Viper…before finally losing to a guy who was wearing a martial arts outfit and played…Fuerte.

I had a good time, and it was certainly something that I enjoyed a lot.

My first tournament was ECT2. Neglected so many things that I shouldn’t have. I didn’t bother warming up. Did not play any casuals. And my biggest mistake was lending my stick to someone right before my first match in the tournament which ended up me playing on pad instead. All of the other folks I was with were all in their pools playing their match. I was so conscious of my actions during that match that I felt sweat building up on the controller. =(