My first MOD SF4 (Inferis Ryu)

Hi my friends. Excuse my poor english :frowning:

Here are my **“Inferis Ryu” or “Evil Ryu” **

I will put the link to Down Later, excuse for that

My Pics:

thanks a lot

Interesting. Gives Ryu a very gritty look.

Looks like Sagat returned the favor.

Its gives Ryu have a different look o.O. I kinda like it. When will you post the download link?

:slight_smile: Thanks a lot my friends :slight_smile:

here is the link to Skin and the Hack to active the “secrets” costumes of SF4

If I update the Skin, I go back here :slight_smile:
Excuse the poor english :frowning:

i had a fanart idea back in the day of ryu in future with tons of scars on his body from all the many hard battles. and someone HAS to do one of ryu with the big scar on his chest from the SFIII manga! nice work man, its one of the ryu mods where it works and isnt like tekken ryu or french goatee ryu

nice Man :slight_smile:
thanks a lot! I am working i one Evil Ken too :stuck_out_tongue:

but i need understand more about remove parts os clothes and other small areas…

[]s from Brazil :slight_smile:


NIce Mod

I really loved the MOD that you made… how ever when I clicked on the linked its not working. Please give me instructions on how to put it and how to download it. I really loved the Ryu that you made.

I like it. Sagat said “payback’s a bitch, Bitch”! XD