My First Pad Hack/Real Mod

Hi Guys,

Going to try and document my first real mod here, but also use it as a place to ask questions along the way.

I’m mashing together me PS3/4 TE2 and a XB360/One PDP MKX Pad, I’ve got most of the bits and bobs I’ll need along the way, and plan to sit down and do the wiring bits tomorrow night with a friend who is a pro at soldering circuit boards etc. I’ve got various wiring diagrams and what not, and I have an excellent picture from the third party pad hack thread with the MKX PCB all labelled up with what is what:

My First question, is can anyone provide a similar picture for the PS3/4 TE2 PCB? After trawling through the forums all I’ve managed to find is a diagram of USB pins, but not the rest of it.

I managed to find out how to wire up the DPDT switches, which would’ve been my other question at this stage.

Help is greatly apprecaited, and I hope that by the time I’m done and have updated this thread it’ll be a nice beginners resource =)

Take a multimeter and Ohm out the conductors to find which pad/joint goes to which button. The continuity “beep” mode should work just fine for this.

You won’t always have the work of others to rely on, so this will be good practice.

The most important tool you would have, more so than a soldering iron would be a multimeter.

Also keep in mind, in that photo the PCB has all the switches removed.

I agree with this 100%. Even if someones work log or guide is correct a board or cable isn’t the same for everyone.
This goes double for anytime you have a cable with multiple wires in side with different colors. Like for example a PlayStation 2 Controller cable. What colors I labeled for what pins applies to me but not for everyone else.
Its very unlikely but it still possible USB cable wire colors could be off, as there nonstandard cables that do exist.

Also make use of the Info thread, there many, many guides, faqs and work logs linked there.

Something that has been brought to my attention, and I can’t find on the info thread - I need to include a diode, but can’t find what type or what ampage of diode I need. Any help?

Its sticked on the first page of the tech talk forums.
Its the sticked thread that labled as close (to prevent people from posting other than the moderators)

I know what a stickied thread is. None of the linked guides I’ve read (that seem relevant) have any info in regarding diodes, and a search on the whole forum didn’t come up with the answer. THAT is why I’m asking here.

For diodes, just about any standard signal diode will work. You can even get away with Zener diode, a Diode Rectifier or a Schottky Diode.
We don’t have a Diode guide per say as use of diodes in controller mods is more of a recent development here. I might just have to write a basic guide up.
Don’t worry about amperage as your PCB will not be in the amperage range for this to matter. I highly doubt the PCB for the signal line will exceed 200mA.
The type of crystal semiconductor used doesn’t matter ether, the diode can be germanium, silicone or whatever.

For what diodes you should get, Digikey part # : 568-1360-2-ND will meet all your requirements and they are only 10 cents each.

Everything else you need should already be on the THIRD PARTY PS4 PADHACK OPTIONS thread

Excellent, fingers crossed I can grab some on the way home to get the modding done tonight!

oooo Although i’d read the thread, I hadn’t spotted that I’d need diodes for every button input =/

Will have to grab a load then

For pad hacks that require diodes, you need a diode for each input.
anode should be soldered to the PCB and the cathode goes to the buttons.

So I was also thinking of possibly trying to use a ps360+ and try to padhack a ps4 and xbox one pcb to it to quad mod it since i had an extra ps360+. I’m guessing it’d be a good idea to use dpdt switches as well. I’m trying to figure out if i can do something like a db9 screw terminal for the pad hacks to go to the ps360+. any suggestions?

I am planning on modding a Hori FC pad into my old TE S stick. I would love to see some pics of your work.

I’ll try and get some up once it all gets started, hit a bit of a road block with stripping the MKX PCB down which has taken some time to resolve as had to wait for another weekday off of work.