My first ranked match opponents seem (read full post) SSFIV


Well I just started playing street fighter. Never really played a fighting game except KOF2002 when I was 11. Just bought street fighter and after 2 hours I started to play ranked matches. Ofc is was searching one the same skill level but the weird thing (i’m not hatin’) around 40~50% of my opponents spam hadoukes or other ranged projectiles and when I jump to come close they do a anti-air like guile’s summersault.(btw they are turteling the entire time). Is this normal in the low skill matches? and should I rather than that just play against higher skilled people to avoid it or is that a bad idea? Thanks

Btw the other 50% of the matches are fun even got a message about my dan. (Almost only play dan :D)


Yea you’ll get a lot of that in lower level matches. Watch out for wake up dragon punches!


So they are throwing projectiles, and when you jump over them, they hit you out of the air with an anti air? Sounds like basic zoning to me. Don’t know much about Dan, but I’m sure he has other ways to get around projectiles.


I mean just basic projectile attacks like sonic boom or hadouken. But i’m noob and I could use some tips for avoiding or countering hadoukens etc. :smiley:


block and don’t jump in

this has nothing to do with low level play, its one of the easiest and most basic of traps in any street fighter game.

1 throw fire ball
2 wait till opponent jumps in
3 anti air

you have a few options for dealing with fireballs
you can neutral jump, you can focus-dash through the attack
you can block
you can use a move that has armor (ie balrog ex rush or many ultras)
or you can use a move that avoids fireballs (blanka’s crouch and slide, hurricane kicks, throws, and certain ultras)

i’d pick a better character than dan if you really want to learn this game


Haha thanks for the tips. Ofcourse ill play other characters too but ill stay playing dan since I love the reactions of people and its fun:D eventhough I lose more often with dan than ken or ryu. :smiley:


With Dan, you can alter your jump path with any strength tatsu, and I happen to like LK Hurricane Kick over fireballs with a low jump arc. Protip, a well timed LK Hurricane Kick can ruin any shoto’s day. You’re welcome.


Learn your jump distances also, try to inch your way in until you’re at just that right distance where if they throw a fireball you can jump over it without getting punished. If they notice you’re in your sweet spot and stop throwing fireballs to stay safe, kudos you now have more freedom. If they do end up throwing a fireball and you know you’re close enough tag them with a jump in.


how is this not a troll


do this.
or try and walk them to the corner.

best noob tactics for Dan:
crossup jumping mk
use standing mk a lot
spam lk tatsu, its safe
save EX bars for EX tatsu, use it to close distance and beat Ryu throwing out his crouching kick or whatever
hk tatsu opponents on wakeup. if they block it they’ll probably try to throw you, so mash out a srk.
if all else fails you can always jump in from a safe distance and try a random ultra 1.