My first Sanwa stick is FINISHED!

It’s taken me a while to get this all done but i just finshed it all up and this time around it all work perfectly!

If you follow the link at the bottom you’ll see the fruits of my labour. Since it was my first time using sanwa parts, i stuck with my 2 year old box design. Although it is a solid box with a pretty decent finish, the likes of tha darkside and other elite stick makers have since knocked out many seamless/jointless boxes and also done so on a smaller scale. :tup: so my design no longer as exciting, but i’m pretty pleased regardless. :tup:

Upgrades i made were: using sanwa parts, insetting the lexen panel, and using a wood finish on the mdf paintwork.

More importantly i have to say thank you to a few people who helped me greatly in this little project. Armadillo wired up my official xbox pcb and did an absolutely amazing job. It looks like a machine did it and was flawless. He charged me a great price, shipped it express delivery and was a pleasure to deal with. Need wiring done? look no further!
Rod sorted me out with my buttons and ball tops. you all know how great he is to deal with and sent his stuff fantastically fast and threw in some candies! :tup:
snaaaake & dreaded fist and tha darkside all gave me excellent advice that was very helpful in the making of both my sticks, Thanks chaps!

I hope you enjoy the pictures. please comment on my work, good or bad. :pleased:

Now onto making my proper sanwa. watch out fellow stick makers, this next box is gonna fell jaws! :badboy:

Damn excellent stick. You could of convinced me that you made sticks for a living.

Damn! How tall is it :). Nice work man!

Did you do the metal work yourself? I’m interested in details on that portion.

Holy shit, that stick is bigger than an Xbox! :smiley:

It’s still nice as hell. Props.

Nice design :tup: That’s one big muthaflucka, great craftsmanship too, you did a nice job on the angles. From the pictures I can’t see anything bad to comment about, just don’t set that in your lap, it’ll dig down to the marrow :wink: Keep it up :tup:

haha thats sick!

I’ll buy it for 30 :clap:

Seriously tho, REALLY nice job. Im suprised at how well its turned out and that you had little to no problems while making it. That damn M Bison of yours is gonna own up again now :xeye:

don’t knock on yourself at all, it’s one of the better custom sticks i’ve seen outside of work done from the stick building regulars here (darkside, dreaded fist). only thing I’d say is that that thing is HUGE!

btw, where did you get metal sheeting from? home depot?

i’m not knocking myself buddy, i know when it comes o the insides, wiring, soldering, drilling and mounting sticks and buttons and artwork i’m not as good as the guys who make them regularly.

When it comes to woodwork, i dont rekon theres anything i couldn’t knock up. i’ll try hard to make my next box small, since i now know how much room i need for sanwa parts. i’ll try and inspire some crazy woodwork, since thats the most fun part for me. As i said, i used an old box design, i made that box back when people were still modding redoctane/mas etc on the regular. now everything is custom and tiny/shiny/and great looking!! i wish i had more time, maybe this summer i’ll knuckle down and get it done!

ok guys about the metal sheeting. i got it from an industrial estate near me. they don’t do it in UK DIY stores. we dont have home depot. it is 1.5 mm thick brass. i tried using high grade stainless steel like a dumbass and went through a couple of drill bits etc. check out the picture, my mangled bit of steel is there. i switched to brass, it cuts easier and is strong enough. I used a 30mm cyclindrical saw to cut through. button spacing was tight, the orange screws underneath touch each other so its about as close as i could get it! if you have any other questions just let me know.

Thanks for all the positive comments guys! The stick plays great, but i suck on it, i’m losing to everyone lol

damn mullah, nice stick. looks great. i love the tallness and the blue color scheme!

bit too tall for a sanwa IMO.

Nice work on the artwork none the less.

Looks great, awsome job man i like the blue and white colors on it. :tup:
Btw what’s that picture on the buttons base, Rasputin from worldheroes, am i wrong?

Nice stick Mullah… and as far as it being too tall… that only matters if you play with it on your lap. I play with it on a table so it could be as tall as it wants and it wouldn’t affect me. :tup:

excellent job

Thats hot. :wow:

nice job mullah

v. nice, where abouts in london are you from Mullah, see if I can get some of that brass

My stick’s bigger than an Xbox.


Christ that thing is THICK.

But still, VERY nicly done. Especially for a first time.

That’s a sweet stick man. Nice and big. If you ever start to make these for other peeps give me a shout :slight_smile: :tup: