My first Sanwa stick is FINISHED!

But people were building MAS style boxes long before that time, and your box looks like it could eat 7 MAS’s and spit them out later:confused:

Dont get me wrong, the artwork and theme and all that is beautiful, great stick, except the box looks too gigantic.

It is indeed large, but also, in charge. Big stick for big gaijin hands, me likee. I’ll take a Jumbo sized stick I can rest on comfortably over a tiny matchbook anyday.

I think the picture is a little deceiving if its the same size as the Mullahs first stick then there not much bigger than an X-arcade on your lap may be a little uncomfertable but for using it on a desk its perfect, Good Job Mullah hook me up now dammit!!

Very nice! The artwork is killer, what is it of?

Huge, but in a good way :slight_smile: That is a sweet stick, dude!

Thanks for all the comments.

The artwork is ‘the great wave’ and the fat guy on it is just a random photo i took of some artwork i saw while in malaysia last year.

Yeah i know its a tall stick, but picture this, i play on my bed, i sit cross legged and so its he perfect height for me. the next stick i make will be a bit smaller as it would look ab it better and now i know the size of sanwa parts i know how much i can take off the height!

it weighs 6 kilos, not bad!

about the brass, send me a pm, i’ll give you the number of the guy i got it off. unfortunately i dont have time to make sticks for other people, my sticks still cost too much to build for me to sell for prices that are reasonable without me making a loss. i’m just dont have an economy of manufacture going on here.

Hey Mullah…i wanna make a sanwa box…what are the dimensions u used?

what for the whole box? or for the sanwa buttons and mounting plates etc only?

Damn that stick is nice. Behemoth size and everything. I guess you can play without the stick tipping over eh.

A true controller for those 360 piledrivers!

thats tight… good job :tup:

thats fly

what type of paint did you use?

sorry mate, i made the box back in early 2004, i don’t remember the name of the spray paint i used. some industrial shit from what i can remember lol.

thanks for your comments, and questions. the stick still works thankfully! and to all who ask questions and get replies but don’t bother saying thanks, grab some manners assholes. :tup: