My first stick art! What do you think?

I’m in the process of building my first custom stick and it needs some art! I’ve been messing around with some stuff, but since I want to print it at 300dpi I am quite limited with stock art due to its high resolution (converted to 72dpi to post it of course).

First, I’d like to say that I’m a minimalist at heart but I went a little crazy with these designs. They aren’t 100% complete, but what do you think of them so far?

Alternatively, I might make a completely custom design without any video game references. Just a nice minimalistic design to bring out the aesthetics of the stick.

I’m also thinking of a Technics 1210M5G stick since I am a DJ/Producer. Unrelated to games, but still a huge part of my life.

Anyway, check out my first two candidates. Street Fighter themed because it’s my favorite fighting series of all time.

Candidate 1:

Candidate 2:

Hey, that’s not half bad. I like the 1st one a whole lot, but if you’re going for the minimalistic look, the second one is nice, too. Good stuff:tup:

Thanks man! I just whipped them together real quick. I think they’d look a lot better on the stick, or at least I hope so.

Side question, do you guys generally design your art at 300dpi? If I can get away with a crisp print at 72dpi I could come up with something a lot better. A lot of my brushes are lower res.

Hey Nikos, after seeing your custom Norris stick in the gallery thread and on cheapassgamer, I was wondering what primer/paint/clear coat combination you used? That stick is sick!

Hey, I was wondering where you got the Ken artwork for Candidate 2.

Edit: nm, found it on