My first stick mod

well it will be if i can find a tutorial with pics or even a video if that isnt pushing my luck dont want to open it until im sure ive got a guide, ive been looking online for an hour and can find videos for modding wii sticks to play on xbox etc. but none for this hori EX 2 can anyone help me out here? i need to change my square gate and buttons

Because it is same.
HORI Fighting Stick EX2 same HORI Fighting Stick 3 same HORI Fighting Stick Wii.!/Joystick_Mods/Entries/2009/3/24_Hori_EX2_Cherry_Switches_%2B_Octogate_quick_mod.html

thanks jd , totally bookmarked this page now im off to order some parts and mod my first stick…just for the novelty i was going to go for frankinstein artwork muwahahahaha its alive

like this? lol