My first stick - what you think?


here’s my first custom stick!
the box is australian oak and mdf. seimetsu buttons, sanwa jlf, toodles axisdapter and wireless ps3 sixaxis.
art by hokusai and myself

sorry the pics are just from my camera phone…


Your camera phone takes pics of red x’s.

edit… now they work. Very nice wiring job.


Pics are working fine for me. It looks good, really clean layout and design.


Wow you made that box yourself?
That is incredible, well done.

Wish my first stick looked half that good.


SWEET dude nice stick, wish I could do that ^^


That looks awesome… that’s your first… really? Wonderful job. Love the grain and finish on the wood. Very clean wiring.


Looks good mate. I wish I also had some sort of talent… oh well.



You made that Case?
Looks super nice.

Really clean wiring.

Good Hokusai art.


it doesnt get any better than this, so are u willing to sell it? let me know!


Nice wiring. You should post it in the sticky.


its beautifull… man if I had that stick I probally would make a glass cube arround it just so I can look at it as a piece of art


Looks really great, I like the wiring and the box especially. You could make a good bit of cash selling those I would imagine.


Nice stick. Classy and timeless.


Wiring is so clean. Very nice


dang thats a great first stick. gotta love the color combination as well. great job


Hokusai’s ‘The Great Wave’! I love that painting - I’ve got a print hanging on my bedroom wall. Super super clean interior too. Definitely a top notch job! I hope my first effort looks half as nice.


Awesome dude! Love the wiring, might have to try that.


Damn that’s a nice stick.

If only I had that ability, I would be making sticks and sell them for a living.


That deff is nice wiring the box could have been smaller then a keyboard lol


hey, do you mind putting up a pic of the back buttons?

and how did you connect the axisdapter + sixaxis to the inside of the case?