My First Stick! [Work Log]


Hey! I haven’t seen many work logs since my short time on SRK… I used to follow the computer modding scene and work logs were everywhere! Great reads… but meh, I’ve since moved onto arcade sticks!

Thus, this will be my first project/stick! This thread will be my work log!

I have no real plans… although it will be a 360 stick using the late version Mad Catz (Gamestop) 360 wired controller. I’ll be using some variant of the Seimitsu clear buttons… I’m not sure which since I ordered green ones from Lizard Lick but want to change them to white/clear… There will be a Sanwa JLF as the stick and 3 20mm Seimitsu buttons as the back/start/guide on the right side of the chassis.

The chassis and top panel will be painted with Dupli-Color Mirage Ice color-changing paint… I’ve never used it before so it might turn out horribly! Thus I can always resort to a flat black… although I’ve heard great things about Dupli-Color mirage.

I finally received the aluminum 17"x10"x2" aluminum chassis and so I started cutting the plywood top panel into a random shape… I ended up cutting it into something that resembles home base… I also drilled holes and threaded the holes… I might decide to use pop rivets though since I’m not sure if screws will hold the chassis and panel together well enough…

Here is the aluminum chassis which will have all the actual components.

I went for a really big stick so that I could play comfortably with my entire wrist/hands on the stick. I’m not sure how well it’ll play on my lap… but it’ll work fine on a desk!


I dunno if it’s against forum rules but you might want to reserve some spots for updates… I really like WIP threads but scrolling through 10+ pages with actual content only on 2 or 3 of those pages really blows.

Good luck with your custom!


wow how much did it cost to get that case, and where


their warehouse is close to me so I ordered from them, $38 with shipping


hey man, think you can keep a video log as you are working on the stick? i might try to make a stick as well in the near future.


Nice chassis. Would of been cool to see everything built from scratch though.


Meh, I might have some short video clips of some of the processes like the painting. and maybe the soldering, but its a pretty simple process that takes a lot of time… lol

Meh, working with aluminum is tough… you can’t piece it together like with wood… thus I’d either have to buy a better bending brake (I’ve only got a 16"…) or I’d have to attach them as joints… the chassis I bought is just aluminum bent into a box which is definitely more sleek

I’ll probably have an all scratch, all wood project in the future.


That case is pretty cool. Which model on that site was it?


model 1444-30

I received the duplicolor mirage paint today… but I won’t be able to use it until after I drill out the button holes and I won’t have the time to fully paint the case until tomorrow!


I got some more work done since school starts late on Fridays…

To start… let me just say that center punches are a godsend… I never realized how useful they are! No more skidding drills… no more having to tape/glue down paper diagrams… just punch some holes! Anyways, so here is the top panel mounted with 4 1/8" steel pop rivets and with the pilot holes for the hole saws drilled.

Here are all the holes drilled out!

You can still see all the haphazardly splinters… plywood isn’t working well for my cordless drill… I pretty much run out of charge by the time the hole is almost done so I end up forcing the final mm of wood… I’ll be grinding the holes anyways since I used a 29mm hole saw…

Tomorrow I will start the day by painting the top panel front and back with the dupli-color mirage ice kit… and then I will drill out the 3 20mm holes on the aluminum chassis (right side) for the back, guide and start buttons.

I’m currently debating whether I want the chassis painted ice as well or matte black… I think black would provide a nice contrast to the ice color on the top panel.

Hopefully Lizard Lick will be restocked tomorrow so I can order up all the actual arcade parts!


I got some of the painting done… here are two pictures, the first one is with the top panel primed and painted with the base coat… the second picture is of the finished product before sanding and polishing.

This second picture looks really bad because it was taken in incredibly low light. I’ll bring it in tomorrow to take pictures in adequate lighting and to showcase the color changing effect. I also need to sand a few drops of clear coat which dripped onto the panel. I can apply the polish in 48 hours according to the directions to get it really shiny and reflective.