My First Stick

Hey all,

I figured I’d post my first custom stick attempt. I built this over christmas break, and finally assembled it at spring break when one of my friends finished doing the artwork for me. I decided it essentially on a whim, which resulted in a bit of poor planning on it’s construction. Next time I’ll do better, like recessing the lexan into the wooden construction. As it is, I’m planning on swapping out some of the buttons and the stick for better ones once they arrive.

The exterior:

The very messy interior:

the 2 left most buttons seem to close to the joystick. Is that glue you used insead of solder? Also did you use ducktape as some sort of decorative film on the top portion of the sick?

Are those x-arcade parts? Good thing you are using a Good PCB. The sticks and buttons aren’t terrible, but those pcbs are just funky. Good job!

The ducktape is very nice. gj

Do you have big hands or somethin’? The buttons seem too far apart.

I’ll have to agree, they seem to be quit distant from one another.


Pics are broken.

Everything’s soldered; hot glue is used as an insulator. Has the added bonus of holding stuff in place. A trick I picked up from model railroaders.

Duct tape is to seal up the edges of the lexan. I didn’t recess the lexan, so I needed some sort of solution. I’m still looking for a better one, but at the moment this is a stop gap.

The buttons ARE far apart, or at least farther than normal. It was arbitrary. I find it perfectly comfortable to use, but a few people I play with don’t.

It is my first attempt; Next time will be better. Gotta learn from my mistakes/screwups.

he used xarcadr parts…GET HIM !!! :rofl:

well i will be the first guy to say good job… i think for a first stick thats one of the best i seen someone pop out… shit its even got LEXAn and art… but hey what do you mean about recessing the lexan? like you want it sunk it or is it sharp and scratching your hands or what? id be glad to help you out anytime you need it man O_o

Hey, I wasn’t being sarcastic when I said good job, maybe it came out that way. For a first stick, its not bad at all.

haha i ididnt see your post man… i know your always tellin people good job… just saw so many nasty critiques and not a “great for a first timer”

yeah your work is comming along good too and im learning the finalcut since i bought a book

i just dont like scrolling down and seeing alot of negatives… like eww, buttons misplace, drilled wrong, crap, that kinda stuff put me down when i built my first stick cuz i couldnt drill through plexi and i cracked it… now i just say fuck that and use lexan :slight_smile:

Yeah, I mean to sink it in, with a ‘border’ of wood sourounding it on all sides. The lexan piece is the same height as the board that supports it, with nothing sealing the art in along the top and bottom. (except the duct tape, which works, but is pretty shoddy looking)

I’ve just in the last couple of days come up with a decent solution, but I’ll have to wait til I go home later this week to try. (Finals: term’s almost up)

As for the X-Arcade parts, they’ll get swapped out once the Sanwa’s I ordered actually show up.

Luckily, I haven’t ever cracked my plexi. The only reason I didn’t use Lexan on my stuff, is that everyone kept telling me it scratches way too easily. I heard it that stuff was tough as shit though.

Oh, and DJ_Matrix, check out this page:

Good basic Final Cut pro info.

Looks like it will smash dudes. Kudos on using your own art instead of cutting out Hyung Tae-Kim layers in PS like too many others.