My first TE template Akuma


I did not draw this my self, i was browsing thru google images.

I just recolored it in photoshop. Im a complete nub when it comes to photoshop and sadly this took me 2 hours to do and alot of youtube tutorial watching.

But my new TE stick is coming Tuesday so i figure id make it look unique.

Any tips or critiques are fine or suggestions. Id found this lil project really fun and would like to get better at making them.


id figure i would share the original picture also.

Also tried 1001 fonts for akuma/street fighter fonts to write his name in but found some really crap fonts there that i didnt like much.


I like the original more because there isn’t an excessive amount of over-saturated colors. and that text is totally clashing with the mood of the photo. I personally never liked that font to begin with, and that multicolor glow just says “RAVE” all over it,. which Akuma doesn’t do lol


I prefer the original. Not because I’m not a fan of purple, but red is the color of Gouki’s symbol.