My first time back in awhile

This is my pic for the newest SF comic contest. This is my first time actually entering. Just would like to know what you guys think.

Not quit sure why the quality was bad on that one here’s a link. This is what it originally was going to look like while I was working on it. Dropped the other characters b/c each had their own little problems. Esp. Chun-li… a little too much of my love for Scott Campbell’s work rubbed of on her.

Nice work! I really like the line work over the coloring. The colors seem to be a bit flat. Maybe add a little more shadow/highlights in some areas. Other than that it looks pretty good.

Thank you

I had a little trouble with that. I had darker tones but ppl kept saying it was too dark to be out on the beach. I need to find a medium between too light and too dark.

that blanka was godly:lol:

You and Capt. Munta are the only ones that entered from here

everybody else, including me bailed. I never really like the whole subject to begin with and since drawing females ownz my soul, me tapping out to this project was the enivetable. I got that message of yours:bluu:. Besides that, the pic was looking good. Good luck winning a spot in the next issue.

Also check the boards for that contest there doing for Capcom. SFMC posted it recently so it should be on the first page or two. The contest is that you are given a chance to create your own character for either Rival Schools, Street Fighter, or Darkstalkers. Check the post for all the details. The main problem is that it’s due at the end of the month at 12:00 midnight.

I actually entered. Originally i planned not to as i didn’t like the theme. But eventually i decided i really really wanted my name printed, even if i didn’t win 1st place - to have your name immortalised in an issue even as a runner up or an honourable mention, i thought that would be nice.

Why did everyone bail? It’s our job to represent SRK!

My entry also happens to be my avatar, or half of it anyway.