My first time making a stick....and IT'S A BIG ONE! (COMPLETE..weill almost)


After graduating and finally having some off time to do a hobby, I finally decided to try to make a fightstick for two. I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time, but I was low on cash and busy with school…still low on cash, but oh well. Anyways, I’ve been reading through the forums and have looked through various threads.

Got a lot of info from Toodles, bomberman, Slagcoin, the MDF mirror paint thread, and the woodworkers thread. Finally decided to freestyle the design with MDF. Now I have no experience with working with wood, just learned from reading stuff from other stick builders and websites. I’ve been working on this stick for about 2-3 weeks give or take inbetween my last week of school. So here’s what I got so far…

By the way…sorry for some blurry pics. You can tell which ones are from my phone…

Here’s the material I started with, got more MDF when I needed it…

Put things together using wood glue and clamps…as you can see, I needed more clamps but didn’t have any, so I used my good ol’ kettlebells

The first couple shots, I used the “plastic putty.” Then the more white past is the spackle…

As you can tell from the last pic…I’ve been using a handsaw for the cuts, so cuts weren’t perfect and had some gaps…good ol’ spackle

Oh yeah, I forgot to take pics, but I used dowels and drilled hols for a tighter, secure connection between boards…

Now that the base is set, I need to add some borders to lay the plexiglass in for the artwork…

After all of that set in, I wanted to round the edges, but don’t have money…more importantly space for a router station because my garage is packed. So I used a block plane to do the edges. This is probably the only thing I remember how to do from woodshop class back in 6th grade, aside from learning “righty-tighty, left-loosey” for screws and clamps. Turned out better than I though, and of course, I tried it on a random piece of MDF.

So now I am prepping it for mirror paint, I spackled all the edges and dents, then sanded. I also used plastic putty, I used it for some other thing around my house and that stuff turns super rock hard. Anyways, I am following the mirror MDF thread and will probably post in that thread to…

So, tomorrow I will start priming and the paint, then get plexiglass from Lowe’s. Still haven’t ordered my arcade parts yet, gotta save up some cash. Also need to start on the artwork…sheesh…I’ve already sanded down the spackle and drilled the holes for the buttons and joystick…didn’t realize how thick the damn MDF I picked was…gotta a lot of cutting to do…any suggestions on the best way to tackle this? More pics up tomorrow or so…

Well, couldn’t wait to post these…so here’s the update…I sanded down all the spackle and I finally drilled the holes. Man…this stuff is so addicting! Having fun everytime I get my hands working on the box…


Alrite, I got the tools and info on how to route the wood and how to mount the JLF’s. Will do tomorrow morning. Got my ethernet plugs, Cat5/6 crimper, and plug boots in the mail the other day. Decided to go ahead and make the plugs for the MC Cthulhu (even though I don’t have the Cthulhu’s yet).

Looks pretty clean and came out fine…just can’t test yet. I used the Madcatz USB pulled from my SE after I modded it with a PS3 Sixaxis. I knew the scraps would come in handy! Luckily my buddy did his too and he gave me his old USB. Cool thing is they are really LONG!

Special thanks to rtdzign’s RJ-45 Tutorial Ver.2 THREAD! Good stuff! Now just need to grab some 10ft. gamecube cables from either the trading outlet or eBay.


Just got done taking pics of some progress, after much research and paranoia of “not doing theing right,” I proceeded to make the opening for the joystick.

Again, I don’t have my JLF’s ordered yet so I pulled the stick from my NES fightstick i made a while back. So this is what it looks!

So what I did was drill using a 24mm forstner bit on the corners. Then I used this little dremel attachment for routing the space for the mounting plate. Made it easy as pie!

Now I am almost ready to paint, but I’m thinking about making the opening for the RJ45 port recessed. So, here I go again thread searching for dimensions and specs of a switchcraft RJ45. Pretty sure it’s in rtdzign’s thread…


Just finished making the art for my fightstick…not much skills with paintshop, but here’s what’s going on there

Couldn’t wait so I started priming and painting this morning and her it is so far…they are as follows
-Primer Coat

-1 Thin Coat of Paint

-2nd Coat prior to Wetsanding

Here’s another set of views

Obviously there are some minor cracks still visible. I did the spackle and sand twice, but guess I missed a bit. Oh well, live and learn and make a better one in the future!

Now I’ll wait for three days to begin the wetsanding and I’ll post pics then. As for additional parts, I’m going to buy a long handle bar to screw on for portability. Thanks for all the comments guys…(need to order arcade parts soon…)

Hey guys…been busy with life, anyways…I printed my artwork and finished painting…not too happy with the paint because I know I could have done much better, but I decided to rush it. Well here it is anyways…

Now just waiting to gather all my arcade parts to make it work!!!

Well, looks like I got all my parts in and have started piecing the stick together. I say almost complete because I still have to wire up the buttons and stuff. But here’s what it looks like! Opinions are welcome!

It looks clean so far, but what’s bugging me is are you going to make it a 1p stick or a 2p? Because that thing looks bigger than an arcade panel.

OP said it was for two players

-dude you were cutting that with a handsaw? danm that came out really nice

omg awesome… I cannot wait to have spare cash to buy a bunch of woodworking tools cause I wanna start building sticks. Can’t wait to see the finished project!

Hahaha…if this was a 1P stick, that would be so friggin’ looooonnnnngggg…I would probably set some food and a drink on the sides of it

SERIOUSLY…once things start coming together and you see progress, the feeling is priceless. The hours fly by and it only feels like 20 minutes of work…my wife says “all you do is stay in the garage and work on your damn toy!” Ha…good times

Looking good, Weezy!

Wow, great craftsmanship there buddy … coming on a treat!

size matters.

wow that thing looks sweeeeeet! Nice skills on the word wook bro

thanks guys! appreciate the comments…can’t wait til I get to play on this stick!

haha thats awesome the box thats holding it up says “2-in-1 combo”

That actually gives me an awesome idea… TE stick with built-in cup holder anyone? :o

Hahaha…did not even notice that.

Anyways, just got back from Kragen and FINALLY found some 1500 and 2000 grit sandpaper. I looked through Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Dixieline Lumbar assuming they would have them being home improvement stores…but no. I even checked autozone first, but the highest they carried was 1000. So got some for about $2.99 each with aabout 5 sheets each. But before I get onto priming, I figure I should cut out and mount the JLF sticks and ethernet ports.

BTW…the stock madcatz joystick and JLF-TP-8YT-SK are the same right? In terms of dimensions and mounting plate size? I don’t have the JLF’s in yet, but I have my stock madcatz stick from my SE collecting dust…

Looking sweet so far, can’t wait to see the finished product

Amazing craftsmanship. Looking really nice. I love a good 2p stick like that. Can’t wait to see the rest. I think you just need a cupholder somewhere XD.

Update on first post. Made cables for PS3 MC Cthulhu USB.

Looking good weezy, very clean job.
Iis this what you’re wanting the custom balltops from sugar kane and broken english for?

To get a high quality Stick set up like this would cost loads… The Further the detail in the hand crafting the more the value goes up… Look at the prices of a Rolls Royce Car… They are 90% hand crafted for all the panelling and interior detail

EXACTLY!!! Can’t wait to put them on once everything is set!