My First time...


At Photoshop. Im in the processes of color this pic of Raven that I drew. I think its colored pretty good considering Ive never shopped before and didnt read any of the help files. By the way, Photoshop is so much fun, I know now what Ive been missing


umm… forgot the pic


Sorry I couldnt directly link it. Its in the Wrestlers Catagory.


Nice work.

You have great talent. Great work!!! :wink:


I thought I had more fans than that…

lol… its all good. This is just a little update.


shit your artwork is very very nice you have serious skillz keep up the good work ; ps draw me a leet picture of ken or blanka :]


Hmm the colors look too liquid. Put some solid mass on and use dark lights and midtones. I tried saving your pic, but it didn’t let me open it in photoshop. Hard to explain when I can’t show an example. Good drawing though, but keep working on them colors.


I thought I had more fans than that…

hey you got another fan. That shit is tight:D :smiley: . I want to know how can I post some of my art. Any info would be appreciated. Thanx.:cool:


Re: I thought I had more fans than that…

When you go to post a reply to a thread or make your own thread, you just have to attach a file along with your message. Its under the options menu.


Hmm… I see what your saying

Im not really sure how to use these colors or what tools to use. I found the brush tool and custom colors and went with that. I need to sit down with it some more.


Re: Re: I thought I had more fans than that…

Sweet. Thankx:)


Good Stuff. I like your Cody and Karin pic. You can tell that Toriyama-San is your biggest influence.