My First Tourney: From One Noob to Another

So I attended my first tourney today here in Charlotte, NC…it was definitely an eye opener. To all my fellow beginners and low level players, I strongly suggest you attend one. It was worth the trip, and I definitely will be in attendance for the next one in August.

Being a guy who just moved up here with no one to play offline sessions with (I main SSFIV AE), this was like night and day. I got to see some great matches and saw things that I normally read in the forums. For example, Bison’s cr. LK is beastly…this guy was just throwing em out to interrupt block strings and such…it was beastly. I also saw the do’s and don’ts of Shoto play.

Then I decided to jump into a few casuals myself…most of the tournament was already played and people were just playing the “I got next” game. I put my Cammy to work. Played an Evil Ryu that pretty much raped Cam the Blam…i held my own but I dropped some crucial punish combos and overall played too defensively. Then I played a seemingly Godlike T.Hawk…the only thing I could really get in on him was a CS on his Condor Dives. His pokes are insane and if he spaces out his Condor Spire well, he can poke with no fear. I didn’t win any matches…but I didn’t go to the tourney to win…I went to LEARN.

Aside from all that, I met some cool ass folks…but didn’t exchange any contact info cuz I didn’t really talk much… I was there by myself, nervous as F. It was a pleasant experience that made me hungry to go home and train my ass off. To all my noobs out there who want to level up, go to a local tourney and check it out. I promise you it’ll be somewhat inspirational. I hope this is a good read for whoever comes across it!

Went to my first tournament, too…about a month ago. Except that one was in Fargo, North Dakota, and only eight people showed up (which was a bit disappointing :(). But just getting out of that comfort zone and playing in person against some new people felt great. Really made me wish I lived closer to an area with a scene. Even a small one like Fargo. Better than my hometown scene of two (and the other guy is basically one I’ve trained).

And I know how those seemingly godlike T. Hawk’s are. I am one of those. So much fun to be catching Rufus dive kicks with Ultra II in Super. Then just poke all day. Pokepokepokepokepoke. Hawk barely needs to do much else if he gets a couple pokes in there. :wink:

I can never beat those damn Cammys however…

There really isn’t a scene near where I live. Sure I may join a scene but for the most part don’t really care to go out of my way to one. Am quite the game addict, not that I care to be the best at playing video games but I’m the type who can really appreciate a good one. Oddly enough around August is when I’m moving to another city to study game design at a respectable college instead.

These tournaments are entertainment. I go to every one of them I can. It would help if I were better but I’d rather go to some run down flimsy pile of crap tournament where few people even show up and scraps as prize money where simply getting there and staying in that location alone is more costly. Heck, with the amount I spent I could’ve easily went to Disney World or have had a really nice cruise or even get a brand new 3D tv if I wanted to.

Just screwing with you guys, I went to Comic Con about once or twice, that was ok, not much game stuff there and don’t know any game places besides game stop. These tournaments are just third party stuff, can’t take it seriously and don’t care if it’s not held as a scheduled event.

This was really inspiring :slight_smile:

This tourney had about 25-30 people in there…mind you I showed up late. But any kind of offline experience is great. and as far as the Cam-Hawk matchup…I might have been nervous. I even forgot about the Cannon Spike > FADC > U1 combo that I could have landed on all those whiffed Condor Dives and extended limbs from pokes…

Exact same experience, replace the location with “Sydney” and the character with “Dudley”. Managed to win a match then suddenly forgot about … you know … winning and winning-related techniques.

Amazingly accurate OP, I couldn’t recommend a local tournament more.