My first (ugly) attempt at making a stick

So I had two cheap sticks lying around and I decided that this was the weekend I would do something about them.

And so, after spending too much on tools, I have this to show for it:

This ugly thing is made from a Mayflash and an Ikan Mini Stick. It’s PS3 native, and it is my first attempt to ever wire something this complex. A learning experience to be sure. Everything works as it should for now, but I will need to get my hands on some proper buttons. I’ll be sticking with the tweaked stick for now unless I decide to get something better. The top row buttons are just simple half-inch buttons picked up at Radio Shack.

It took some trial and error to make sure everything was wired right and that nothing was crossing. I even had to throw out some plans halfway through. Ugh. The board had a turbo function, but that has no place on an arcade stick. Once I get some arcade buttons, I may decide to get rid of the larger PCB on the bottom and wire the buttons right to where the ribbon cable is now.

In time I’ll go to Kinkos or the like to get some art printed out. I’m going to go with a Fraken Fran theme. Seems appropriate due to its origins.

In any event, I rather enjoyed the experience. I’d love to do it again with better parts in the future.

Wow, I have no idea about the specifics but it looks like quite the project.

everyone starts somewhere

If it’s your first attempt making a stick with the Mayflash, you’re doing a good job soldering the pcbs.

Solder does look good. Just need to clean up the wire job. Then ta-da Nice anyways better then what I can do.

If it makes you feel better, for my first stick I couldn’t find the correct wire locally, so I just got some speaker wire, stapled them, and stuck that in a PCB. Ugh… I’ve fixed it now, but I’ve learned a valuable lesson: GET THE RIGHT TOOLS! Decent start, keep working at it. If you get it right, try making a stick from scratch. It’s well worth the effort.

the question: does it still work? If yes, good job! You can only get better! And the soldering looks well done. better than my first stick. You’re being harsh on yourself, but that’s a good motivater!

Yeah, everything works so far. I had some trouble when down and left somehow got crossed. Cleaning up the PCB helped out. Still trying to decide if I want to play if safe with screw-in buttons or if I want to see if I can file the holes down just right for snap-ins.

Anyway, here’s a scale-down of the stick art:

Any special reason for that particular page spread? Sentimental reasons?

It’s edited together from several different panels. There’s no real pattern to it. I went with Franken Fran since I felt it fit the hobbled together nature of the stick.

Any updates on this project? I have a ikan Real Arcade Stick myself and I’m thinking about modding it.

Things are turning out well. I’ve managed to get the art printed out, laminated, and glued to the case. I’m waiting to hear back from a local on trading parts for buttons. That’s the last thing that needs to be done.

And it is done. After trading the old PCB for a various collection of buttons from Lucky Day, the Franken Fran stick is complete. In the end I ended up removing the larger PCB and wired the buttons right to the main board.

The case and stick of a Mayflash. The PCB, LEDs, and the ball from an Ikan. The function buttons from Radio Shack. The action buttions from Sanwa and Mad Katz. The art from Fraken Fran, printed on laminated cardstock.

And it actually works.

Wow congrats on your stick man. The end result is beautiful :slight_smile:

wow, that DOES look good!

Good stuff, Paul.

I like :slight_smile:

you did the first thing important in modding…TRYING!..i cant speak for everyone but my first padhack /case was a pelican with a hori pcb (xbox1 native) never soldered in my life ,everything was spliced with black tape haha it was the ugliest thing ive ever seen …but damn when i got it to work …pure victory ,these steps are small but in the future youll be building cabs or somthing …im starting a vewlix clone next week,yessssssss

Wow, this looks real nice for a first modded stick. I’m planning to mod my first stick, which also happens to be a mayflash lol. Is there a specific guide you followed? There’s so many out there.

No guide, really. Keep in mind that only the Mayflash case and stick was used. It’s pretty easy to use the PCB from a Ikan, you can just wire everything right to the board with the chip and toss the rest. Makes laying things out rather simple. I just wished I used a thinner gauge of wire doing that.

Also, be careful of the size of the buttons you use, or otherwise you’ll end up doing a lot of dremmeling/filing. The other Mayflash threads go into this.