My frame traps never seem to work?


Hi guys
I am not really a noob, but I figure this is more of a noob question heh.

I am playing against a friend online and offline. I play as Adon.
Some of his best frame traps are his close mk and close hp.

Here is my problem, my friend tends to have a pattern for teching but he seems to block both my frametraps and tech my throws. I have tried more than the above, from 1f traps all the way to 9f traps… he doesnt understand the problem either as I know he is teching and he knows it but I just cant seem to get them to land.
I have tried to land ‘late’ frame traps by delaying the input but still cant get it to work. I have tried training mode to no avail.

Any thoughts? maybe I need to delay the frame traps more?

Thanks in advance for any help :smiley:

ps. it only seems to be against my friend, however I assume this could be an issue against others :smiley:


If you want to check whether you input them correctly:
Go into training, you are whatever, opponent is Adon, record your frametrap, playback and crouchtech it.

Stating whether you do your frametrap too fast, too slow or whatever is really hard when not actually seeing anything.

Always remember that Frametraps aren’t guaranteed to hit - if your friend “just” reads you correctly (blocking during the frametraps, teching when you throw),
nothing is going to happen. Maybe you’re just acting too telegraphed (predictable patterns, or you move up and attempt the throw really late, smth like that)?
Did your friend tell you what he is doing (trying to read you, mashing crouchtech, delayed crouchtech, etc)? That would make identifying the problem easier.

The character specific forums might also be able to help better on this.


hey. we did some tests in training mode we set up the dummy to perform the frame trap and he teched it all. I can also hear him teching even though my frame traps are not landing.
I did think I was acting too telegraphed at first, thats why im so puzzled and posted this, I was gonna post in Adon forums, but they are so dead! also as I say I never have the issue with anyone else I play. He cant explain how he techs, the only thing I can think of is that he tech late?

ps. thanks for replying


if you hear him teching like you said, and you still delay the F.Trap… then someone is going to get hit. there’s no way he just blocks it as he has commited to hittin lk or whatever he OS techs with…


yeah this is why im puzzled, in training mode it shows his buttons being pressed but nothing comes out!
on the odd occasion he counterhit me, or beat my frame trap which sort of makes sense with the longer gaps as the move has time to come out, but not with the cr.lp into close mk.
I truly agree with what you said above, but unfortunately thats not the way its going down haha!


The only explanation I can think of is that he’s stand teching, but you would probably have noticed that.


yeah its all very strange, he states he doesnt stand tech. I shall just have to work on some sort of timing against him, like really late frame traps etc :smiley:


If <you> are mashing during your recorded frametrap and don’t get counterhit, you’re doing it wrong.


there is no mashing, its just the timing that he is doing… I know how frame traps work. as I say I land them on everyone else I play, its just the way my friend does his techs I guess. I shall figure it out on my own. Thanks for the help.


Frame traps work, its hard coded frame data, as long as you know the frames, and have your timing down, there is no way they cant work, when timed right, only blocking or invulnerable attacks beat them.

but with Adon…Why frame trap when you can just jagga kick? j/k :wgrin:


well i managed to land some lucky frame traps. insanely delayed mind you, as late as if id input anothe jab then done it…
either way I guess his late tech just counters the frame traps I was using, just like people who stand tech can beat them. thanks for the help all.


break his techs with a dp.

be a man.


haha strangely enough I started doing that, worked a charm the first few times :smiley:


There used to be a frame trap thread by JoontheBaboon, but the idea is that frame traps are dependent on the player and that you have to coordinate your frame traps accordingly.

If the player is an early crouch techer --> moves that have short open gaps are best (ex: Ryu’s cr.jab --> frame trap)
If the player is a late crouch techer --> move that have a much larger gap are recommended (Ryu’s -->
If the player is an extremely late crouch techer --> throw them immediately after your string, they only have (10 - OS move active frames) frames to tech the throw.


Just use a turbo controller! Your frametraps will absolutely work then!!


Don’t listen to him… obviously he doesn’t know wat he is talking about

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