My freshly modded stick


Hi Guys,

Just thought I would post a pic of my freshly modded stick! I did a dual system mod with a dpdt switch and a chithulu board and it works great! I also did a custom button plate. I wanted to make it look like bookmatched flamed maple like on a guitar.

BTW, I work at a large format digital print shop so if anyone wants a custom faceplate printed, hit me up. If you pay for shipping I’ll print one out for ya’.


I Approve!


Picture of your guitar next to TE also!


Looks dope, vinyl?


Yep, vinyl. Solvent print to oracal 3165gra with a gloss 210 over laminate. I’ll take a pic tonight with it next to my les paul which was the inspiration.


Now you need to mod each button with a different guitar sound, so you can “play” your joystick!


What does it cost to make one of those faceplates?
Also, did you cut that out by hand?

It looks pretty awesome and definitely has that guitar feel.


I don’t know what we would charge for one retail, but if folks on the forum want some to print some face plates, just send me your art and pay for postage. I hand cut this, but we have a computer controlled die cutter which could do them automatically very accurately.