My friend and I held a small tourney at Splendora High School, and we made the local news

Thought I’d share my efforts.

I’m trying to spark interest in competition in games around here. It’s a small town with barely any scene - I’d have to travel into Houston to play at tourneys or get any locals with strong players. The goal was met, and I think people started to understand what being competitive really is. There’s a lot of fun to be had in competition in games, and I think I helped show that to these guys. A lot of them want to get better now.

The article names some of the games we played incorrectly, but at least they tried.

The school said we could host another tourney later on with entry fees and scholarship money on the line if we get successful enough, but really i’m just looking to spark interest in the area.

That is cool actually, keep it up. At least you are doing something about the scene in your area.

yo congratz.

that was like totally cool


y’all should look into sponsorship deals, either local or nationwide like what super arcade had with benQ. it might help ya’ll out with set-ups for the next tourney

Good job!

school tournaments are the best. people struggling with fireballs…

yeah we had one around here couple of years ago. I destroyed everyone and their moms :bee:

that’s dope, instead of complaining about your scene you are actually taking action plus getting featured in the news

maybe even a fundraiser tourney for the school

It’s good to see someone actually do something about getting a scene going…instead of bitching on the forums about actually leaving their comfort zone to get local competition.

Dude, I fucking love Super Mario Smash Bros!

Came in to say wrong forum asshole

Then saw everyone giving u props

So, uh…cool i guess

slinks out thread

I came for the same reason, until I saw the full details. Kinda hard for our scene to ever have a chance if we hate on the few times the community earns to call itself a community. Dude got on the news and used his love of gaming to try to help out. That seems thread worthy.

However, this thread is now about the prefered flavour of booty. My vote is for rusty pennies.

Honestly, that’s the real reason I wanted to post this. lmao

Welp, too bad Splendora is a racist shit hole like Vidor…

well splenda is white…

I’d like to think that’s a stereotype thatll stick with the football team and the previous generation living here.



Was gonna say good job, but then I read smash

But I guess good job anyway.