My friend blocks nearly all of my overheads by what he calls, "fuzzy guard blocking". What is this?


I didn’t think to have him explain to me what that means. I do hear a rhythmic movement up and down on his fightstick during my blockstrings, and I do notice that before he blocks my overheads he stands up a millisecond before he crouches. That may be a factor, but if it is it makes absolutely no sense. If someone can clarify this for me than i’d gladly appreciate it.

We were playing SFIV btw.


He’s just rapidly going from stand to crouch blocking, back and forth, and tried to give it a name to make it sound cool. It just means hes trying to potentially cover both blocking options entirely on the chance that he is blocking the correct way when something you throw out connects. It really isn’t a ‘thing’.


It isn’t truely a fuzzy, but the principle is the same.
Basically, your fastest low is 3f or 4f while your fastest overhead is 10f+. If I start blocking low then stand up at around the 7f mark, I’m blocking both.

Blow this up by staggering lows. During the gap in your string he’ll be expecting the overhead.



Fuzzy guard is a real thing, described here: