My friend don't wanna go no mo'!

Yesterday, I told my ftiend that the CvS2 tournament may be arcade and that 3s was arcade. He was all like, “That’s gay.” and said that if CvS2 was arcade, than he wasn’t going to Evo North. This is no good because if he doesn’t go, then I don’t go.:sad: He was also saying that the tournaments were going to be gay because they are all about out poking/ out gaying each other and he hates playing like that and he didn’t want to spend $100 just to lose. While I agree with him in a way (on the tournament aspect), I really want to go cuz I’ve never been to a big anything. What can I do to change his mind and get him to go to Evo and not Gencon. Help!:sweat:

Well you could start by telling him that it won’t be the arcade version, and never will be.

actually according to the thread theyre undecided

traditionally mwc/evo north has been an all arcade tournament

tell your friend to learn how to play if he doesnt want to scrub out

He’s not a bad player, he just hates tournament style play because the matches are so long and defensive. In example when in the beginning of a 3s match both players retreat to the corners to build meter. Because of this I tried to get him to play Guilty Gear, but I don’t think he has even touched it since I let him borrow it.:arazz:

i would agree with what you said but that doesnt really happen especially in a game like 3s

i mean maybe he saw that in a match video some place but its different once you actually play in a tournament. besides hes going to be a scrub as long as he has that kinda mentality

Yeah, I feel U. To tell you the truth, all this not going to Evo talk rose when I started beating him more in 3s and CvS2. He just can’t handle Makoto’s leetness in 3s and Maki royally pisses him off in CvS2. He went fron whopping my ass to getting his ass whooped and now he doesn’t want to go to Evo. Guess I broke his confidence.:rofl:

Why you need him? Go by yoself. Only one of ya’ll can win any ways. :lol:

I got no car son. Plus, I don’t know anyone else in Peoria who would be going (take me with you:lovin: ).

Post in the regional matchmaking thread for your area (midwest). You might find somebody willing to hook you up.

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It says that CvS2 and 3S tournaments are going to be on the PS2.
Your friend must have watched a lot of turtles playing.

It says that at least 3s will be arcade in the Evo North thread. Is there any one who plays agressively at Evo and if so could you give me a link if possible to show him.