My friend just finshed up the art for my new stick! Check it out. Gouken theme!

I will be placing this on my new Round 2 TE i just bought from Ebay. I asked my friend who has photo shop could be do something for me and here it is. I gave him some pictures including one of myself and this is what he did.

I freaking love it and can’t wait to put it on my new stick. GOUKEN FTW!!! Tell me what u think guys?

Hee hee.

Should have had a quote on there somewhere though…There is no use! You cannot stop me!
Looks good man.

Yea im actually thinking about doing that!!! I still have time to make changes :slight_smile:

I’d say add more color to 2 pictures of Gouken to the left. Have them more defined, with the red tint and black form the focus ink.

Other than that, I think it’s a dope idea. Where did you locate the template from. OR the how to if I may ask?

I’d just be weary of the fact that the buttons are going to cover up the face of Gouken, and I presume, yourself.

It should be fine although your right lol. Its still going to look cool I hope.

From ARTS site. I sent them the art and I should be getting it in 2 weeks.

Man its been a while since ive posted, Ive been playing marvel 3 trying to find a team. Loving spiderman Iron man Doom and Trish pretty much. Dont think I like anyone else lol.

Dunno why your face on the stick makes me think of Dan lol.

But grats on the new art, hope it turns out nice.

Just got my art in the mail!!! Once I put it on the stick I will somehow take pics of it and show you guys!!! I love it!!!