My friend says I'm a scrub for using Yukiko. He plays Chie


He says Yukiko/Chie is a terribly bad match up in my favor, but is it really that bad? He gets so butthurt when I gravitate towards the zoning characters, and I’ve been playing a lot of Yukiko, Naoto, and Liz in this game (but he gets especially angry when I play Yukiko).


Your friend has no idea what the word scrub means.


You’re friend is a faggot…
Keep zoning him out…


Tell him to hold that shit as the screen turns pink on the final round.


It’s not that bad, 5.5 or 6 at best.

Also, matchups don’t matter at low level.

Also, get new friends.


One of you is a scrub…


It’s awesome.

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That’s what she said


Clearly, he’s gone through the Sagat obstacle course and is scarred by it…


You’re all scrubs; the game’s been out a week.


I’ve got one hate mail on PSN because I’ve lamed out a Teddy hard. He resorted to using slurs. I lol’d hard when I got that one. The guy kept dashing towards me and I just spammed fans. L2block fans!


Pick Mitsuru mash 5A and ask him if that is any better.


Reminds me of my Sgt. Uses Mitsuru, complains that Yukiko is cheap because she can “throw fans in any direction.”

I guess it fails to dawn upon him that if I throw a bad fan, he’s gonna get in and bop poor Yukiko.


If you stand there and literally mash B nonstop, then you’re a bit of a scrub. If you toss fans as part of a larger game plan, then your friend is a child.


:eek: GET IT?!


I probably am pretty scrubby at this game, but I’ve played enough to know when to toss some projectiles. The funny thing is he complains about how often I hit his Persona with a fan.


must…press…persona button…midscreen…all the time


I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t even aiming for that pun and for that you have made Sagat happy


Yukiko, honestly, doesn’t bother me. Bitch got zones. I play Naoto, great matchup, so it’s not hard.

Chie? Mash A for an auyocombo that uses fucking overheads. Auto mixup. Scrubscrubscrubbin’.