My friends frustrating style of play

I guess i can call my friend a turtler. He just sits there and crouches down. If you jump in the air he just does an c.HP and it hits no matter what, and if you parry the c.HP he’ll jus c.HK you as soon as you hit the ground. And for some reason when i use the UOH he recovers faster and’s me, or he Warps to the other side of the screen and repeats the process.

I’m an Ken/Yun player by the way. Could anyone give me advice on how to defeat this style.

Get better at parrying, dont jump in so much, if you jump in do or whatever, toss him around a lot, try more pressure tactics & mindgames.

stay away from, dash ahd kara-throw, the best option is jump parry, then before u land hit him, or land and grab him

Being a Ken/Yun player, you shouldn’t have too much trouble against a turtling Akuma. Um, if he’s just crouching and blocking, you should THROW him. And try footsies games. For example, you throw him, he’s knocked down. While he’s down, get real close to him and throw out a couple crouching shorts, then back up a bit (outside of his poke/throw range), see what he does. If h thought you were going to crouching short him again, he’s probably just crouching and blocking, giving you an opportunity to THROW him again. If he’s trying to do a wakeup move (Dragon punch, c.HP), then he jsut whiffed because you backed up outside of his poke/throw range, and he just left himself open for a punishment off of his whiffed wakeup move.

Sorry for the run-on sentences and bad sentence structure, but it’s 2am by me and i’m having trouble clearly explaining what I mean. But I hope you understand the overall strategy of footsies.

He’s crouch blocking actually. I could get him with a UOH, but i can’t do much else. I know there’s a Ken combo that involves the UOH but i don’t know exactly what it is

The most frustrating akuma scrub tactic I find, is when akuma floors you, and does ground hurricane kick cross-ups as you’re getting up, which hits you at the back of the head when you’re crouching, and repeats over and over.

crouch blocking? that’s like cross-up paradise for ken players.

maybe use an attack after u parry the c.hp. crossup mk, mp, hpxxsa3.

That’s it? :confused:

Well if he’s that predictable, jump in and parry the c.hp, then down parry the…or hell, try throwing him after you land.

That or just pressure him on the ground with footsies…Ken and Yun are good at this.

Yes, that’s nothing. I don’t see where the problem is. You parry the d.fierce, and if you’ll cross him up, use j.forward, otherwise j.roundhouse -> combo of choice. He’s crouching so he’ll take even more damage. Crossup forward -> s.strong-s.fierce chain -> jab dp is 50-60% on a crouching Akuma. If you’re using Yun, j.roundhouse -> jab-short-strong chain -> fierce dash punch to push him closer to the corner. Or go into Genei Jin if you have meter, and again, Akuma loses over half his life for being predictable.

parry demon

If he always turtles just give him a few light pokes the hit him with a UOH.

I had this same problem, a good Akuma user will be ANNOYING AS FUCK.

Trust me.

He can give good yuns trouble! he would dash, jump back airFB, dash, jumpback hurricane kicks, SRK me on jump in, fireballs/footsies on the ground. Fuck those spinning kicks. Fuck me for jumping into them and only parrying the first hit and getting nailed by a fireball/SA1 on the way down.

Fuck Akuma. Fuck my Yang.

But then I used random Urien headbutts and ruined his scrubby game LOL. Stupid fucking jumping all the time Akuma.

it sounds to me like your freind should be using ryu more then akuma, he is not utilizing any of akumas options (besides warping). Corner Turtling is the worst thing an akuma can do ageinst ken, like every1 has ben saying, just keep throwing. After a throw get right ontop of him and do mp>hp>…then at this time you SHOULD know if he is blocking or not, so if he IS blocking, throw out a ex fireball(this will get you out of tripping range), if he is NOT blocking then use light srk, and sense he is in the corner u can juggle with another light srk. The point is that on akumas wake up, your mp will have priority over his srk, or for that matter nearly any move he can use, if u get the timming correct. And if he catches on to your combo, do a mp on his wake up and just step forword i little a grab this will make just about any1 mad. And if all else fails…learn how to parry.

Well there’s your problem. After a jump-in air parry, you should hit him before you land. Like jump in, parry,, land, combo.

With Ken (grumbles) bait a sweep, block it, and you can SA3 him before he recovers.

You can do if he’s crouching is UOH,SA.3. Or better would be Back +mk to do Ken’s axe kick(which also acts as over head), SA.3. These both require a bit of practice but definitely punish crouching oppoents.

Sorry, but what do you mean by UOH? I’m not very familiar with lingo.

Universal Over Head mp+mk

After you tag captain crouch with a distanced UOH, combo SAIII.

Ah, that. Thanks a lot.