My friends want a DOA tournament

So, I figured this was the place to ask which DOA game is the most “fair” for tournaments. I have all of them, but don’t know which one to use, because they all have their weak and strong points. So, which one is the best to use between DOA3, DOA Ultimate, and DOA4?

DOA Ultimate, DOA 4, and if modded Xbox DOA 3.1

How come you put DOAU first? Don’t mean to get too nerdy, but I want an explanation! :pleased:

DOA Ultimate or DOA4 are interchangeable, I have Ultimate, but both have smaller windows to counter, 3.1 also has a smaller window. Hence they are the best ones ;). I played DOA4 a little, so thats why I put ultimate, however any of those 3 are good ;).

how about, tell your friends to play a game worth a damn.

lol, thanks man.


but if you must, go with DOA4.

Depends, do you prefer feces, vomit, or piss?

Piss. :smile:

lol nope. . . .DOAU2 isn’t really a game you should ever tell someone to play. . . . .

The window for reversals (aka counters) are exactly the same in all DoA’s.

The difference is the damage.

DoA2 it’s basically 60/75/90 for a regular or counter or hi counter hold.

DoA3 is 40/50/60 for regular or counter or hi counter hold respectively. (hence a big reason why DoA3 is better.

DoA4 is the same as DoA2 OUTSIDE of critical stun, inside critical stun it is similar to DoA3.

DoA2 and DoA4 have a 4 way counter hold system. DoA3 has 3 way counter hold.

Honestly I would play DoA2 because:

#1 DoA4 sucks
#2 DoA4 is not fun at all
#3 DoA3 is a pain in the but to get
#4 You don’t need a 360 to play DoA2 (hell you don’t need an xbox either)
#5 DoA4 sucks


What do you mean DOA3 is a pain in the butt to get? Anyway, before I made this topic, I was actually leaning towards using DOAU, but just wanted some opinions. :lame:

Man, I’m simply all out of arguing. Guess you just have your opinion and I have mine.

Not like there’s a real community for the game anyways.

I think you misspelled Virtua Fighter, OP.

Ask this in the DOA thread. More than enough knowledge in there.