My fully wireless 360 Street fighter anniversary Joystick

Hey all, I made took apart my 15th anniversary Street fighter joystick and made a fully wireless joystick for the 360 out of it. I’ve included an ON/OFF button for the “Start” and “Guide” buttons to disable accidental power ons. I’ve also added the USB charge cable internally so you can charge the joystick when the battery is low, or just play while its charging. I’ve also added a headphone jack so you can talk smack on Xbox Live. Hope someone finds this interesting.

Check out more pics here

It is quite interesting :wow:.

Are the buttons and stick still stock or is it a full mod?

Any lag?

Over at BYOAC, someone had posted several links to nice, easly mountable USB ports. I hope you made use of those and didn’t just go hot-gluing cables. :slight_smile: