My Gaming Find of the YEAR! (Sega Astro City Cabinet)

This is definately my find of the YEAR.

Well it’s a long story…

I got a Sega Astro City 29 in wonderful condition for a mere $23.00 USD.

A friend of me linked me to the cabinet on Craig’s List in my area.(Huge thanks to my homie Ace R. since he made all this possible).

Sure enough I emailed the seller and called them up. They just wanted to get rid of it. To make sure it wasn’t a typo I asked again about the price, they said “$20.”

So I go over there to inspect the cabinet. It’s in beautiful condition. The buttons didn’t work but that’s because the wiring became unplugged, easy fix. And the coin door was missing(easily replaceable). Street Fighter II: World Warrior was already in the machine, and I didn’t hesitate to buy it.

Turns out it was a lady and her son that just wanted to get rid of it. It was given to them by their neighbor awhile ago. It’s an Astro City 29 cabinet with a Blast City panel. Pretty much brand new Sanwa buttons/stick. No burn in on the monitor at all. No signs of wear on the speakers. The lady told me that her son was going to keep the money from the sales, so when I offerred him $23 bucks his face lit up with the biggest smile his fat face could muster… he gladly accepted since he only wanted $20. Badabing badaboom. Oh yea it looks like this:

I have 2 arcade cabinets now.

This one and a dedicated Tekken Tag Tournament machine. Now I only need 1 more cabinet(Sega New Versus City) to go so I can complete my ‘ideal’ collection.

Holy crap. LUCKEEEEE

I hate you. From my deepest, darkest heart of hearts I HATE YOU!:arazz: :arazz:


Awesome find. I like the look of that cab a lot. I actually may spring for a Namco Cyberlead soon. Yes it’s pastel purple. But it’s pastel freaking purple perfect.

Oh, please post some more pics so I may hate you even more.

i hate you :slight_smile:

Hell YEAH! Now I feel like scouting for a cabinet.

That has to be the greatest deal ever :tup:

sick find Mark.


I’ll give you $30 for it :slight_smile:

wow. great find!

need a purple ball top for cheap? send me a pm

ps: jap-cab, sf2, sanwas… luckkkyyy

Very nice indeed. I can cry myself to sleep now…

Lucky SoB
Even if you just got the sticks and buttons that would have been a steal. How do you sleep at night :mad:
congrats anyway… bastard :lol:

I think you should get them a present as a thankyou.

Damn, good find. Yah, I’d hook them up with a thank you card or something. Can’t beat that.


Congrats on the great find

i hate you :’(

i’d have driven out to where ever to get an astro for cheap lol

cool stuff, good things happen to good people i guess maybe it’s a karma thing

i just can’t believe how dumb people can be, the guy posted an ad on craigslist so he knows how to use the internet, but he couldn’t type in “sega astro city” into google to do a little research and find out how much it’s really worth?


Nice find, you lucky bastard.

HOLY SHIT WOW ! :looney: :looney: