My Gaming Find of the YEAR! (Sega Astro City Cabinet)

I hope youre proud of yourself robbing candy from a baby :stuck_out_tongue:

At least itll have a home where it’s more appreciated now though. Who the fuck in their right mind would let this go for $20


i hope you burn

j/k good find bro.

Damn, £15 for an Astro City… You lucky fucker.

It’s like winning the geek lottery.

:tup: Lucky bastard haha

That kid’s in for a beatdown if his mother finds out how much it’s worth…
:qcf: :qcf: :hp:

wow nice find. i want one of those in my room.

damn man NICE

O das nice

yuuuup. i thought it was a typo. the funny part is when Mark called them up the husband reffered to the cabinet as a “contraption”

funny stuff lol

Blashphemous…just blasphemous.

Contraption! fantastic.

Damn. wtf. MarkMan. Congrats.

Dont worry about the kid,hes playing halo2 right now

Gaming find of the year is an understatement. That’s just fucking unbelievable.


freaking crazy mark

:slight_smile: thanks guys

now i have one question?

anyone know where i can get a hold of a sega astro city 29 control panel and a coin door(large one on the far left) for the machine?

any help would be much appreciated!

that is a nice machine, i want one.:lovin:

i went on a quest to find a arcade distributor in cancun yesterday, i found the place, but the owner was not so nice, and he didnt even want to sell me parts, i only bought some micros. he was an asshole, but i did notice that in their place they had several astro city cabinets with generic sticks & buttons, i like the shape of the machine.

one question for you guys how much should i offer the guy for a astro city machine used, he told me that he could probably sell me one around 150 or 200 USD depends on the state of the machine.

Well guys… you have to realize that Mark did go on a possible wild goose chase and spent time and effort for nothing… so yea.

Nothing risked nothign earned. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Congrats on the deal man.

Seriously, how many people here would even bother checking out a listing for an arcade cabinet for $20?


hooolllllllyyyyyyyy smookkkkkkkeeessss
$23??? give me 6


And I’m STILL looking for a service door for the damn machine lol.